Welcoming 2023 {and my word of the year}


I have big hopes for this year.

Last year was not the year that I hoped for, there were times when I felt like it would be a year that broke me. In truth, it was a year of lots of inner work, lots of inner growth and working through the hard stuff. I’d just feel like maybe I was on the other side of it, when I’d be pulled straight back down.

From losing my Dad in February, trying to stay grounded in the midst of my own wintering and trusting the process that it will all work out, it was quite a year.

I’ve come to the realisation that sometimes I am my own worst enemy, that I can get stuck in my own mind and allow my past and my fears to hold me back.

Knowing our own weaknesses is the first step to moving forwards.

This year, I am not coming into the year with a list of goals. I’m easing into a new year slowly, allowing myself to unfurl gently and build myself up.

I’ve picked a word of the year for over a decade, and I was still undecided on this years until yesterday. Then, as I sat on my yoga mat, it came to me.


Let go. Of my fears. Of my worries. Of the past. Of all that is holding me back. Of my need to be in control.

Only by releasing can I make space for the future. I have to let go and trust that what is meant to be, will be.

I’m excited to see what this year will bring 💗

Take a look at this worksheet if you need some guidance in finding your own word of the year

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