As I shared on my Insta the other day, I feel as though I have been buried in my own winter lately. I haven’t felt called to share on here or on social media very much at all. It’s been a time of hunkering down, resting, wading through the mud, and lying dormant.

My anxiety has been SKY high lately, though I feel as though in the last week I’ve gotten a handle on it {hopefully}. There have been times I’ve felt so low, though I’m not depressed…. life is good, I am happy, just growing and sorting through my own stuff!

Sometimes at night I feel so lonely… I miss having someone to do life with. Someone to snuggle up to in the evening. To share the worries and the joys of raising a family.

I can see my spring around the corner, can feel the ice thawing, the seeds unfurling, the flowers itching to bloom.

Even in the midst of wintering, I’ve been working towards the future.

I passed my driving test – first time, only three minors. SO SO thrilled! I have never been so nervous in all my life, it still feels so odd to be behind the wheel and driving us around The freedom is huge – after a lifetime of missing out, now adventure awaits.


― Glennon Doyle, Untamed

It was a good reminder of pushing myself to do the things that seem impossible. After a lifetime of telling myself I would never be able to drive – I proved myself wrong! The things that scare me the most are the very things that I need to do. Every little one adds up and makes me realise just how powerful and strong I am – despite what my mind tries to tell me sometimes!

I’m looking forward to a summer of day trips and camping. Hoping to make the most of the last summer with my eldest at home before she leaves for Uni. Sob! Cannot believe she’s all grown up and ready to spread her wings. The years have gone too fast, if I could, I’d do them all over again.

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