Pour a cup of tea and sit down. Won’t you stay a while? I’m so glad you are here. ‘Polly Jemima‘ is my little corner of the internet where I can explore my own feelings, where I can write what’s in my heart, where I can delve deep and try to fathom out this crazy world we live in.

☆ Hi I'm Polly! ☆

I’ve been blogging here for the last thirteen years, sharing my life as I raise my family in North Wales. It’s followed the highs and lows of life, sharing births, day-to-day happenings, holidays, homeschooling, my divorce, single parenting, and so much more.

I have found that through writing, I’ve rediscovered who I am. I found that in being open and honest, I was connecting with so many other women.

My honesty has opened a whole new world. So many messages of thanks for speaking out so plainly. I began to see that this was what I was meant to do. That while I was going through a hard time, being so open was helping others.

So much more water has gone under the bridge since I first wrote here. I have learned so many more lessons, and have grown even stronger. As has my desire to help others.

For too long I lived small, lived quiet. Trying to not take up too much space. Never quite feeling like I was ‘enough’, never feeling like I fit in. I had the victim card and I didn’t know how to get rid of it.

No more. No more being small, or quiet, or caring what others think. I don’t care about fitting in, or worrying about whether I am enough.

I work as a postnatal doula and a life coach, encouraging and supporting other women to live their best lives. To quit people-pleasing. To stop doing what they think they ‘should do’ and start doing what they want to.


You’ll find me rambling wildly over on my blog, and offering advice to those who need it. You can also sign up here for my monthly love letter.


After my marriage ended in 2016, all that I thought I knew changed. I had to unravel my heart, and refigure my future. Slowly, I built a whole new life that has seen me flourish and grow. The second chapter of my life is proving to be pretty wonderful 


Incense, tea, candles, books, bath bombs, hugs, stationary, yoga, vinyl, chai lattes.

  •  I finally learned to drive when I was 41 – now I am loving the freedom!
  • I dream of having my own bookshop cum coffee shop full of incense, crystals and old books
  • I love to paint – give me some acrylics and a paintbrush and I’ll be happy for hours
#cbias #shop #vinyl #recordplayer

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