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November Journal Prompts

“The house was very quiet, and the fog—we are in November now—pressed against the windows like an excluded ghost.” E.M. Forster A little late sharing these, the first two weeks...

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Monthly Mindfulness Challenge

This month’s mindfulness challenge Mindful Breathing Something that you can do anywhere and anytime. Just for one minute, do nothing but focus on your breathing. Begin by slowly breathing in...

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Small pockets of time

Breathe. Sometimes I need to remind myself to stop for a minute and just breathe. Days can get overwhelming, and as we rush from one task to the next, we...

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Winter Self Care Tips

The long, dark nights and freezing cold days of winter make me yearn to curl up in my bed and stay there until spring! If it wasn’t for the fact...

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A ‘Do Nothing Day’

How often do you allow yourself to do nothing? When you’re ill? Or just worn out? Or do you push yourself to keep going? I’ve always been terrible at doing...

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Listening to my body

All week long I’ve had a migraine. Not a really bad one, thankfully, just a little one niggling in the background. Finally today, I think {HOPE} that it has finally...

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Looking for a pause

Are you looking for a pause? I’m sat drinking a cup of tea, I’ve just done half an hour of yoga and am taking five minutes to decompress after a...

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Mum Guilt – let’s talk about it

I was sat with friends the other day, chatting about this and that and everything in between. We ended up talking about taking time out/off/for ourselves, and how everyone has...

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letting go

Letting go

For as long as I can remember, I have lived with depression. I have spent years hating myself and wishing I was dead. I have lived in a constant state...

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Why it’s OK to be selfish

Selfishness isn’t generally considered to be a positive character trait. When we think of selfish people, we think of those who do as they please all the time, and don’t...

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Essential Tips for Self-Care

Nowadays, the quest for living a healthy lifestyle now includes taking better care of your mental health. There is currently a mental health epidemic happening across the globe, which highlights...

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