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Living without limits

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I’m Polly Jemima, a Mama, a Writer, a Light Seeker, a Lover of Life.

I’m passionate about encouraging others to create a life they love and find peace within themselves.

I’m a trained Postnatal Doula and a Life Coach, and I am currently training to be a Counsellor.

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Once a month I send out my love letters, all about what’s going on, what I’m loving, exploring and listening to. 

My hope is you can see little bits of your life in my words.


A quiet life. Beautiful connections. Sunrise. Creative time. Hand-made gifts. Tea. Books. 

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Life Coaching

I’m a certified life coach, and work with people who want to find out how to live their best lives every day.

If you’ve lost your spark, feel stifled by responsibility or are lacking in confidence, we can work together

Content creation

I’ve written for a variety of blogs, websites, and magazines as well as creating captivating content for my own site.

I focus on working with small, women-owned businesses to create content for their socials, blogs and newsletters.

Postpartum Doula

I’m a postpartum doula offering support, both in person and virtually.

I believe in ”nurturing the parent” by guiding and supporting them to feel safe, heard and confident.  I offer mental, emotional, and physical support to parents through their postpartum journey.

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