New Year Intentions

For years I’ve set a long list of goals each new year. Unfailingly, the only consistency is that I usually fail most of them. Looking back, my goals are often so specific and fail to consider the fact that I change. The way I think and feel, and the things that I want out of life don’t stay the same. So when my needs and wants change, the goals I set no longer work and I give up on them.

This often leaves me feeling a bit crappy, never actually achieving the goals {I mean, I’m sure there are a couple I’ve hit but not many}.

So this year I am taking a different approach. I’m setting myself some mindful intentions that hopefully are a little more flexible and can grow and change with me. I see intentions as a more holistic approach to creating my best life. Focusing more on how I feel rather than what I achieve.

If you saw my last post with my word of the year for 2023, you’ll know it was ‘release’ – a reminder to myself to let go of control. To be more flexible, and to stop stressing over things I cannot control. It’s also a memo to myself to shift my focus away from mourning what I wish I had and being grateful for what I do have.

I set three intentions for this year, with the knowledge that if they stop working for me, I can change them or add to them or just remove them.

I will listen to and nourish my body

No crazy January diet, no intense exercise plan – just a promise to listen to my body and do what it needs. Our bodies are fluid, their needs change throughout each month and through the seasons. Taking the time to nourish it with the foods that it craves. So no salads in the depths of winter, instead nourishing broths, soups and delicious comforting food. Taking the time to move my body – whether that be a gentle walk, half an hour on my yoga mat or a bike around the woods.

I will live in the present moment

I am awful for overthinking what has already happened or may happen, for worrying about next week or for getting stuck in the past. I want to step out of my mind, let go of worries and regrets and just be. To be able to enjoy now rather than constantly being somewhere else.

Let me enjoy life to the fullest and follow my heart

No more overthinking, saying no out of fear, living small or letting other people’s opinions dominate. I want to be free to be exactly who I am and live out my dreams.

I’d love to know what your intentions are!

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