2024 Intentions and my word of the year

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A month into the new year, and with the celebrations of Imbolc, I can feel myself coming alive again. The lengthening days and the early signs of spring are wakening me from my winter hibernation. I can feel the stirrings of hope building at a new year ahead, all the adventures and fun I can have, the things I want to do and see and feel.

I am not a fan of New Year Resolutions, they seem designed to see us fail. Instead, I like to take a more mindful approach. I like to set myself a few goals, with steps to achieving them along the way, as well as some intentions for how I want my year to be and feel.

I also always choose a word of the year – a word that encompasses the energy I wish to draw in for the year ahead.

My word for 2024

Sitting in stillness, allowing things to come and go, one word that kept coming back to me was ‘becoming‘. After sitting with it for a while, it felt like the right word for 2024.

Becoming myself. Becoming who I am meant to be. Becoming all that I can be. Becoming – coming home to myself.

I’ve felt for years that I have been so busy trying to be who everyone else needs/wants me to be, who I think I should be, that I’ve lost sight of myself. This year feels like it is time to just be. To let go and become myself.

Intentions for the year

I’m choosing to set myself some mindful intentions, ones that are flexible and can grow and change with me. I see intentions as a more holistic approach to creating my best life. Focusing more on how I feel rather than what I achieve.

* Find my voice – the last year or two I have been quiet, I haven’t written as much as I normally do, I post less on social media, I message people less- for I lsot my voice, my confidence and my ability to talk about what matters most to me. Reconnecting with my voice, allowing myself to speak up and have my say, to not be afraid of saying the wrong thing. This all stems from an abusive relationship where I wasn’t allowed to have a voice of my own. Time to heal and move forward.

* Seek connection – Low self-esteem has meant I have avoided connection, I’ve stayed away from building bonds between me and others, I’ve isolated myself. Yet the disconnect and loneliness are playing heavy on my heart.

* Be authentic – going along with my word of the year, just be me.

* Move my body – one of my none negotiables, phsyical movement keeps me grounded, it roots me in my body, it connects me to my true self and calms my mind.

* Nourish myself – I’ve turned to comfort food for too long, it’s time to heal my relationship with food and turn to foods that nourish my body and soul.

* Live out loud – stop living so small and so quiet. I want to take up space in the world.

I would love to hear if you have picked a word for the year, and any intentions that you have set.

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