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Oh my goodness I can’t believe that you could possibly be 8 already! It only seems five minutes since you made a rapid appearance in the middle of the night. Two hours from the first contraction to holding you in my arms – you’ve been a whirlwind ever since. From the moment you could walk you were desperate to be off following your big sister, and looking for any mischief that you could find ;)

Always so kind – if anyone ever gave you anything, even as a toddler you’d insist on one for you and one for Lola. That doesn’t mean you don’t love to drive your sisters crazy though! We hope that you have a fabulous birthday – and that at least one of your parcels contains some loom bands!

Happy Birthday Kiki – we love you xxx

52 Weeks of Gratitude – Week Seventeen

heart shaped stone

  1. miss Lola coming home today, after five days at guide ┬ácamp – can’t wait to see her!
  2. having some ‘lazy’ time at home with my little two girls after a hectic few weeks
  3. impromptu dinner out, after our oven broke
  4. preparing for Kiki’s 8th birthday tomorrow
  5. yummy tomatoes fresh from the garden
  6. picnics with friends {i.e chance for an afternoon chatting!}
  7. finding the peace to just ‘let go’
  8. ticking more things off my to-do list
  9. not back to school stationary shopping – thankfully my girlies all love stationary as much as I do!
  10. hot chocolate and a good book

another week of giving thanks – I’m loving this project as it really makes me think and stop and appreciate how lucky I am.

A trip to Kent

Last Monday, the girls made what’s become our annual trip down to Kent to visit my sister and her two youngest girls. My three have been eagerly awaiting this trip for weeks, they love having a whole week to play with their cousins. We set off early Monday morning for a long train ride, four trains including a trip across the London Underground later and we arrived.

I love the fact that even though they don’t see each other very often, they can pick straight back up where they left off and carry on playing as if it had been days and not months since they were together last. There were lots of games, lots of late nights and lots of fun. We took a trip to Folkestone on the Tuesday, found an amazing climbing frame and a rather cold sea to play in! We also went to Canterbury for a day out, found yet another playpark and a fun museum/library to spend the afternoon in {it also had a cafe- always a bonus!}

By Thursday, even this Mama was exhausted – I managed to sneak in a nap while my sister took all five girls to the park. Then we took a walk through the village, challenging the girls to a nature hunt, finding something that began with each letter of the alphabet – we found most, only a couple of letters missing!

On our last evening, we went to one of the fields from my sister and her husbands farm, where they were setting up ready for friends coming camping on the weekend. The kiddos built a house out of hay-bales, and we had a little fire and made smores.

Friday came around all too soon, and there were five girls who didn’t want the week to end. We had a great week, and were definitely glad to come home see Papa, but I’ve had lots of requests for us to move nearer their cousins!!

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Maternity Series – Week 23

Maternity Series - Week Twenty Three

I’m not sure if I have a particularly large bump, but lots of people keep asking me when I’m due… 17 weeks to go and I’m so impatient! I’m still feeling good… tired, but that’s down to a trip away and having run out of my Spatone {ooops}. A few days and I’ll be feeling better I’m sure.

Little Man is getting a lot more active. I can feel him kicking and wriggling much more this past week. He’s sitting really low down, which the girls didn’t do, sometimes I’m feeling really uncomfortable already. I have a feeling if he doesn’t move up a little, by the last few weeks I’m really going to be doing that pregnant waddle walk!

Other than that, everything is going smoothly. I’ve picked up a fair few pieces of clothes {I’ll blog about that soon}, finished knitting his first jumper, and collected a few other things that I need. I need to get my moses basket mended, as I loaned it to friends and it came back broken. I don’t really want to have to buy another as all three girls and one of my nieces slept in it.

dear baby - week twenty three

That’s it for this week, I don’t really have much to update! Feeling fine, no cravings and no problems {other than having to pee in the middle of the night!!}. You can read previous pregnancy posts HERE.


lola 34/52

kiki 34/52

baya 34/52

These kiddos had an amazing week down in Kent with their cousins…. come Friday, no-one wanted to come home! A week’s worth of intensive playing left three very tired girlies in need of a lazy weekend. We’re sending Miss Lola off on Guide Camp today – she’ll be away until Thursday, the longest she’s been away from home!

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Twelve Years

us with baby baya…. terribly we seem to have hardly any photos of the two of us together!

Twelve years ago today, we hoped in a car early in the morning and drove all the way to Scotland. Gretna Green to be precise. We picked a couple of witnesses off the street, a bunch of flowers from the florists and said our ‘I do’s’ in the registry office. We celebrated that night with a bottle of Champagne from the lovely owners of the B&B we stayed at for the weekend. It was the perfect wedding, no stresses, no great expense, no family arguments, no one else, only the two that actually matter – the bride and groom. I’d do the same thing again in a heartbeat.

We were just a couple of kids, 21 years old, who’d only been together four months. There were no great discussions about marriage, it was a spur of the moment decision to book it and elope, but we knew that it was the right one. I’m sure many people had their doubts, but twelve years and soon to be four kids later, we’re as strong as ever.

There have been up’s and down’s and times when we’ve driven each other crazy. I remember reading an interview with an old lady who’d been married for 60 years. When asked for her advice on marriage, she said something along the lines how there had been whole years when she couldn’t stand her husband, but she always loved him even then, that she said her vows for life, and that you just have to work hard at the relationship and give each other space when you need it. That it’s easy to walk away, but takes a stronger person to work through the problems.

I’m blessed to have found my match and not spent years searching and alone, I’m grateful to have grown up with him, and be raising our family together. Here’s to the next twelve years {and lots more after that!}