Beginning Weaning

First of all, how on earth do I have a baby who is big enough to even think about eating real food!? To me, that is crazy… fourth time around, my baby is growing all too quickly.

first tastes

Anyway, from about 15 weeks, Mr Vega has been hugely interested in food… surrounded by 5 other people eating in front of him all the time, I guess that’s normal! He’d sit on my knee and watch every single forkful from plate to my mouth. A little disconcerting ;) He’s also gotten good at reaching out and grabbing food from my hand. The first thing he actually tasted was banana. Aged 17 weeks he pulled my banana to his mouth and had a good old lick… he must have liked the taste as he cried when I ate the rest. Bad Mama!

I know there is a lot of differing opinions on when to wean baby. 4 months or wait till 6… purées or Baby Led Weaning. With our eldest, the recommended age then was 4 months, and we weaned her on homemade purées, introducing finger foods at 6 months. Second time around we did the same, with the third they’d decided babies should wait till 6 months. To be honest, she wasn’t as interested as her sisters were in eating anyway, and we mainly did BLW with her. She’s definitely my fussiest eater though..

I think you should be led by your baby, rather than current guidelines, obviously waiting till they’re at least 17 weeks. If baby is interested then it’s the right time to start. In my experience, if the baby doesn’t want it, they will let you know.

Knowing Vega was ready, I decided to make up lots of yummy foods ready for him. I’ve always made my own baby food – it’s really easy, cheap and must be so much nicer to have tasty, fresh foods made with love. We only used jarred food once, when Kiki was a baby and we had to stay in a hotel for a weekend, with no fridge/freezer I couldn’t take my own – she barely ate all weekend, and after tasting a spoonful of a jar of baby food I couldn’t blame her – the taste didn’t compare at all to homemade food. I find it easiest to cook a big batch of baby food up at once, then freeze it down in ice-cube trays. It means I can have a months worth of food on hand, and it saves so much time.

These first few weeks of weaning are more about getting the idea of eating solids, and different tastes than how much they eat. An icecube or two of food is plenty – sometimes he just wants a couple of licks and that’s fine. He still gets all the breast milk he needs/wants everyday, food right now is just an extra.

sweet pototo

I know a lot of books/sites recommend starting babies with baby rice, as it’s bland and mixed with their usual milk not too different a taste. I prefer to start my babies with flavoursome vegetables. As baby is learning about different tastes, to me it makes sense to introduce lots of flavours straight away. In my freezer right now I have sweet pototo, butternut squash, potato, carrot, brocoli, roasted beetroot, parsnip, plum, apple, pear, apple and pear rice and apricot rice.

In the first week or two, I just offered purees at lunchtime, I’d defrost and warm through one ice-cube and let him have a few tastes. As he sits in his highchair with us at lunch and dinner, I tend to do him purees twice a day now. Usually veg at one meal and fruit at the other. He likes to have a spoon of his own to hold while I’m feeding him!

His favourite right now seems to be the apricot rice {I’d have to agree on that one!} and butternut squash. It’s such a fun adventure watching him taste different foods. I really really love making food for my babies, nothing beats seeing them enjoy delicious homemade food. I’ll be sharing some recipes next week for what I’ve been feeding Vega.

baby food

52 Weeks of Gratitude – Week Fifty One

52 weeks of gratitude

* a new sling – we bought a Connecta off a friend, and Vega loves being in it. It’s great for keeping him close when I need to whizz around and do some jobs, I even managed some garden work the other day with him in there!

* quiet mornings… so grateful that Vega has an early morning feed then dozes back off… I love having a couple of hours to myself in the mornings. I can get washed/dressed and prepped for the day and fit in a little work. Makes for a happy mama

* making plans for life in our new house… I am SO excited to be moving!

* Mama friends… when the going gets tough, I’m so grateful for other Mama’s to chat with.

Vega – 20 week update

beastie boy 20 weeks

Vega turned 20 weeks old this past Sunday. He’s the happiest little chappy, loves looking around and watching all the goings on in our very busy house.

17 weeks old
vega 18 weeks
19 weeks old
vega 20 weeks old

He’s still sleeping great, usually asleep by 10pm, and has a night feed then sleeps till 10am ish.. his night feed varies.. sometimes 2am sometimes 6/7am. Occasionally he’ll have two feeds. He has three naps through the day, around 1pm, 4pm and 7pm, though he only sleeps for around half an hour at each nap.

He’s growing fast – at 4 1/2 months I’ve just put him into 9-12 month clothing {there goes my plans of buying ahead – all the stuff I bought for next winter is going to fit him in the middle of summer ha!}

We’ve started weaning, mainly as he’d grab whatever food he could. If he sits on my knee while I eat he has his fingers right in there seeing what he can get! I have a seperate post on weaning coming up soon.

This month Vega:

* Found his toes – seems they taste pretty good
* Started eating actual food
* loves stealing food of my plate
* loves playing with his toys – especially if they squeak
* Doesn’t like being left to play under his playgym if we’re not sat with him
* likes nothing better than a handful of hair {ouch}

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The Online4Baby Showroom

I’m generally a big fan of online shopping, it beats having to go troopsing around the shops, stuck in hoards of people, and have grumbling children. There is such a great choice online and usually you get better prices too. Online4Baby is a great website, they have an enormous range of items. From pushchairs to cots, car seats to baby walkers, highchairs to bath mats, they have pretty much everything you can think you might need for babies/toddlers.

online4baby showroom

While online shopping is great, there are sometimes when you just have to see an item in person to see how it looks, what size it is or if it feels right. Online4Baby have just opened up a brand new showroom. Located in Oldham, it stocks the same top-quality products and leading brands at the same fantastic bargain prices you can find on their website.

Having one place where you can see and try everything you need in person is a great idea. The benefits to actually going to a shop over buying online mean not only can you test items out, but you can take advantage of their staff’s expertise.

I think it’s essential to be able to test out a pushchair before you buy it. See how easy it is to push or collapse. Make sure that it will fit into your car easily. You can also compare between all the fantastic brands that they offer such as Chicco, Red Kite and Cosatto.

When we were expecting our first child, there was something so exciting about visiting a shop, browsing all of the items on offer and being able to try them out – so much more so than just looking at pictures on a computer screen. The Online4Baby Showroom even offers complimentary drinks and a car-fitting service. It sounds like a one-stop-shop for all of your baby needs – you can even set up a gift list so others can buy the things you need {far better than ending up with countless onsies!!}