Vega – 7 month update

Vega is SEVEN months old today. That feels crazy even writing that! Such a cliche but I truly can’t believe how fast these seven months have gone!

MR V 30 wks

We’re so blessed to have the cutest little baby boy ever, we’re all totally smitten with him. When we first found out Beastie was a boy, I had a fleeting ‘BOY – EEEP!’ though – a what do I do with one of those moments. Honestly, I don’t care if they’re boys or girls…. babies are all so darn scrumptious!

It’s crazy seeing these weekly photos together and seeing how fast he’s growing… he is so desperate now to be up and on his feet and chasing after his sisters!

He still gets up usually once a night – a quick five minute feed and he’s back down. I kinda like those middle of the night snuggles too.

At seven months Vega:

* Loves food! I haven’t found anything he doesn’t like yet… he eats modified versions of whatever we eat, fish, chicken, loads of veggies… I make him some mushed up meals, but he always has lots of finger foods too.

* Has gone into 12-18 month sized clothes {!!!}

* Loves to bounce in his Jumperoo

* Babbles a lot… ‘mum mum mum’, ‘dad dad’ and ‘yeah yeah yeah’ {at least they sound like it!}

* Saves his biggest smiles for his sisters

* Likes to play ‘peek a boo’

* REALLY wants to go get our kitty cats

* Reaches out to be picked up

* Will sit up and play with his toys {as long as he can see someone nearby!}

We’re loving life with this baby boy – can’t believe we’re into the second half of his first year though – I wish I could slow time right down…

vega 25 weeks

vega 26 weeks old

27 weeks old

28 weeks old

29 weeks old

vega 30 weeks old

Happy #1


I really enjoyed last year’s ‘52 weeks of gratitude‘ series that I ran. Writing a list of things you are thankful for really makes you stop and appreciate how lucky you are and how much good there is in the world. I’ve decided that I want to keep going, so will be writing a happy list – though maybe not weekly, I’m thinking fortnightly.

# Sunny evenings in the garden – I really do love this time of year, it’s so nice to be able to sit outside after dinner, watching the kiddos playing
# Lazy mornings – I had been getting up and working after Vega has his early morning feed. The past week I’ve been going back to bed and snuggling down wit ha book for an hour before the rest of the house wakes up.
# Baby giggles – so infectious
# My Mum visiting for a few days this week
# A calendar full of fun planned for the summer
# Kiddos who like to bake cake

What is on your happy list this week?

Pass Around The World

I’ve never been much of a sports fan, and until I was 21 I had never actually watched a Rugby match. What changed? I married a Welsh Man! Over the last 13 years I’ve had to develop a certain tolerance love for the sport. Rugby really is a huge part of Welsh culture, and while I still may not understand the finer points of the game, I’ve learned to appreciate a good pass!

A couple of summer’s ago my girls were given an inflatable rugby post – which for some reason they named
‘Mr H’ [as you do]. Making passes kept them very busy that summer and Mr H apparently also really liked being on the trampoline.

In honor of the 2015 Rugby World Cup, Allianz and Saracens have teamed up to bring people together through Rugby. They’re calling for sports fans and anyone who wants to have some fun, to upload a video of their rugby pass to the Pass Around The World website. If you enter you’ll be in with a chance to win some great prizes including a £150 Ticketmaster voucher.

Watch this video to find out more, and then upload your own pass. We’re planning on making our videos to upload this weekend!

Storage Inspiration for Family Homes

Until I had four kids, I never realised how much stuff one family could accumulate. A lot, it turns out! Between baby things, toys and everything else, our house feels full to the brim. And that’s before you even get started on the pets. Moving house made me see how much we had built up over the years. And I had to do some thinking about storage. Decent storage in a family home is essential if you don’t want to live under a pile of stuff. Otherwise, you could be in constant danger of tripping over something. So here are some recommendations for keeping everything organised around the house.

Storage Inspiration for Family Homes

Charlotte Holmes

Living Room

The living room is the perfect place to spend time as a family. We try to keep toys to the playroom and bedrooms. But there’s one thing we did need storage for in the living room. Books! A bookshelf is essential for any family the loves to read. It doesn’t matter whether you fill it with adult or children’s books. Our shelves are overflowing slightly, so I wish we had some more. It would be incredible if we could get some fitted cabinets. You can hire a cabinet maker to create bespoke shelves that fit right into the wall. It would look like a mini library. Our other piece of living room storage is a small wooden chest. It doubles up as a coffee table, so it’s twice as useful. It’s perfect for throwing in magazines, cushions or anything else that’s lying around.


Having a separate playroom for the girls is fantastic. They have quite a lot of toys and they can now be contained in one room. It’s a bit better to have them out of their bedrooms. Then they aren’t a distraction at bedtime. Bedrooms can be kept for sleeping and getting some alone time. We’ve got some shelving units, which we can use to store all sorts of things. And they keep stuff out of the baby’s reach. There are lots of different types of storage you can use for toys. They range from colourful boxes and buckets to shelves and nets hung from the ceiling.


The nursery needs storage too because babies also need a whole lot of stuff. Vega’s toys are in the playroom. But there are still bits and pieces that end up floating around the nursery. He already has a wardrobe for his clothes. But I’d also like some colourful storage baskets. If you’re looking for nursery storage, you might need somewhere to keep anything from nappies to formula. You want everything to be easily (and quickly) accessible. So it’s best to keep storage solutions simple. There are lots of fun and colourful items to choose from to keep your baby’s room organised. If you select well, they’ll last a long time too, until they’re older or the next baby comes along.


It can be a struggle to keep the house tidy with kids around, but it’s not impossible. Just remember to make sure everyone pitches in.