Life, lately

Hullo! It’s been a busy couple of weeks around here. We’ve all been busy trying to turn this new house into our home. Ten days in and we’re getting there. We’ve been building flat pack furniture, unpacking boxes and working out just where to put everything.

There are a dozen crates of books {I’ve run out of bookshelves and need to buy more} and my office left to unpack, but everything else is out! I’m too impatient to live out of boxes for weeks on end. I’m sure things will get re-organised and moved around once we’ve been in for a few weeks, but it’s good to not have hundreds of boxes lying around the house. My new sofa’s are being delivered later on this afternoon.

We’ve spent the last couple of days sorting out the garden, putting up the shed and giving it a coat of paint, the trampoline needs to go back up yet too. But it’s been so hot that’s it’s been nice to just sit out and enjoy the space.

Here are a few photos via my IG of the last couple of weeks:

life lately 1

Delicious yogurts from The Collective – they actually taste of the fruits rather than artificial flavours, even Mama really enjoyed them! They got a big thumbs up from the kiddos // first garden picnic in our new house //e unpacked playroom! // peek at our new kitchen

life lately 2

hot chocolates & biscuits for supper in the garden // Beastie cuddles after Baya fell over // Beastie in a shopping trolley! // Garden

life lately 3

We’ve been testing out this suncream from The Green People – I’m really impressed, especially as it’s perfect for sensitive skins. It came at just the right time for this heat wave too! // Little baby on a big bed // SIX months old!! // garden fun

Movie night at home

In the absence of being able to go out to the cinema {children, lack of babysitters, no money etc etc}, we have to opt for the next best thing and watch movies at home for ‘date nights’. We don’t actually watch a huge amount of TV.. we’re not hooked up to terrestrial TV or any satellite services. We have Netflix and Amazon Prime that we stream through our laptops.


Now that we’ve moved, and actually have a decent size living room as opposed to one the size of a postage stamp, we’d kind of like to get a decent sized TV to screen our movies through. It’s all well and good watching them on the laptop, but doesn’t quite measure up to seeing them on the ‘big screen’ does it?!

I’m nknoot much of an expert on anything technological… all I know is that I want a big screen… we’re thinking a 50″ would be amazing. I’ve been told that we should get a Panasonic curved TV. They certainly seem to get good reviews and fit our criteria size-wise.

The other option we have is to get a projector and a screen, but I know even less about them than I do TV’s! I think I prefer the idea of a TV. But seeing as I watch the least TV of anyone in the house {except the baby} I don’t know how much my vote will count for what we get?!

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Working Holidays in the UK

A change is as good as a rest, holidays really do reflect that. Nothing beats breaking up the everyday like a holiday, especially if you are going abroad or to someplace that you haven’t visited before.

working holidays in the UK
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Taking a holiday can be really expensive though, especially if you have a family. One way to get around this is to take a working holiday. My sister actually did some travelling around Europe many years ago with her then boyfriend and her daughter by working on farms {through WWOOF}, it meant she could travel around and see places and knew she’d at least get fed wherever they were.

Many people come to the UK each year for working holiday. people from all over the EU and even further afield such as Austraila come each year and work to support themselves while they are here seeing the sites.

There are many things that you need to organise if you are going to travel here to the UK for a working holiday, VISAS, insurance, jobs, places to stay, etc. It can seem a bit of a minefield at first trying to work out what you need to do – thankfully the good old internet has all you need to know.

I found a really helpful article that tells you exactly what you need for a working holiday in the UK – click HERE to give it a read.

Is a working holiday something that you have done or would consider?

Summer planning


Now that we are officially in summer and the house move is done, I’ve started thinking about our summer plans. Last year we made a summer bucket list which was great fun, I’m thinking maybe we should make another one this year.

I love long, hot, lazy summer days in the garden as much as special day trips or holidays. We’ve a few ideas already for the summer…

The last two years we’ve been to Camp Bestival which was totally amazing. This year we’re changing it up and going to the Just So festival. It’s a little closer to home which means less traveling, and the girls friends are going too so they are super excited about a whole weekend with them!

Family festivals make for a great holiday – my kiddos love camping and there is always so much to do for everyone. Fingers crossed for some dry, sunny weather!

It wouldn’t be quite the same without at least one beach trip over the summer. We’ve one day out planned with friends, and hopefully another with family. I’d like to sneak at least one more in than that too. Sandcastles, paddling and splashing in the waves and fish & chips for dinner – a perfect summers day

River fun
The river is one of our favourite places to visit, I could happily spend the whole summer in that one spot. It’s so peaceful and relaxing, the kiddos always have an amazing time and the fresh air tires them out ;)

Garden Days
When the weather is nice, you don’t always need to go out for the day. Build a quick fort in the garden, put up a paddling pool, make a picnic and you’re set.

National Trust
We’re lucky to have National Trust membership so we can go whenever we like. Our local property puts on lots of events throughout the summer, we’ll pack a picnic and head there for the day – as we don’t have to pay to get in, it’s a great free day out {apart from buying ice-creams!}

There are a couple of great parks in town, as well as a country park just a short bus ride away. They’re always another great idea for a day out – especially if we’re meeting friends. The girls love playing on the swings and slides there, as well as making daisy chains or practising their cartwheels on the grass.