Boho Style

bohemian style

It’s funny how our style changes over the years, I used to wear nothing but jeans. Every single day. But over the last few years, they’ve all but disappeared from my wardrobe. Now I’m a dress girl. Give me a pretty, floaty dress or a lacy skirt and I’m happy.

I recently had a good clear out of my wardrobe, taking out a few items that I never wear, and only keeping things that I really love. I realised then just how far I’ve come – a wardrobe that ten years ago might have had one or two dresses now had over thirty! Lots of florals, lots of lace, floaty layers and boho styles. And only two pairs of jeans in my whole wardrobe {and they are mostly worn for cleaning out the animals ;) }

I’m excited now it’s Spring, and the car boot sales are starting up again, to go on the hunt for some more pieces to add to my wardrobe. I very rarely buy brand new clothes, and I love hunting through piles of clothes and finding a gem! If I could find some dresses like those in the photos above, I’ll be a very happy lady.

Chocolate Orange Raw Balls

choco-orange bites

One of my favourite treats are the Nakd bars, they’re so scrummy especially as they’re made from just fruit and nuts, looking at the packet last time I had one, I realised they’d be pretty straightforward to recreate at home. Because the fruit gives these a high sugar content, I made them into smaller balls rather than a bar, one of these with my tea in the afternoon is a yummy treat without giving too much sugar!

You’ll Need:

100g dates
30g raisins
60g almonds
1 tsp cocoa powder
Grated zest of one orange
1 tbsp orange juice

These are as simple as putting everything in your blender, and pulsing until combined and the nuts are broken into small pieces. Mine took 2-3 minutes. I then rolled teaspoonfulls into balls, you could pat the mixture into a baking tray and cut into bars if you prefer.

I keep mine in the fridge {if they’re on the side they’ll last five mintues!} I’m planning on making another batch this week and changing the orange for some peppermint. Let me know if you try these!

raw bites

The Vegankind Box

april vegan kind box

Since the new year, I’ve been trying to cut down on the amount of dairy that I have been eating. Namely cheese. We have soya milk and dairy free spread, but cheese is my downfall. I don’t eat meat anyway, so apart from the cheese my diet is almost vegan. I first saw these Vegankind boxes on Instagram, and when they offered me one to review and try out I jumped at the chance.

The VeganKind is the UK’s first monthly subscription service for vegans.For just £10 plus p&p each month, you get 5–8 vegan products. Ranging from food & drink, to cruelty free beauty (male & female) and eco friendly household products. Aprils box arrived with a good selection of products. The Rebel Kitchen Choco Mylk was quickly snatched up by Lola who loves chocolate milk!! She said it was delicious. I’m excited to try both the Landgarten Organic Dark Chocolate Soy Snack and the Creative Natura Sublime Seed Bar. There was also a Freya Luna lip & body balm, I haven’t tried it out as I prefer to use my own products ;)

There were two items in the box that I was most excited about though. First was the Clearspring Sushi Nori. I love this so much just as it is for a snack, though I might actually use this pack to make sushi! The second one is the Coconom Coconut Sugar – I’m looking forward to seeing how this compares to refined sugar, hoping I can make a switch!

I was impressed with the quality and variety in this box – they’d be great if you’re a new vegan, or thinking about changing your diet. Equally if you’ve been a vegan a long time these could be a great way to discover new brands. You can order the next one here.

vegankind box

Best apps for busy parents

iphone case available here

If you’re a parent, you’ll know how busy the day can get. Not only are there lunch boxes to be made, stories to be read and baths to be had, there’s the school run to contend with, parents evenings to attend and extra-curriculum activities that need supporting. It’s non-stop, which is why there are now multiple apps that can help hectic mums and dads get organised.

Here are five of the best:

Baby Pack & Go

Getting out of the house with a little once can seem like a military operation. There’s so much to remember including nappies, wipes, snacks, toys, milk and spare clothes that it can be easy to forget something – but that’s where Baby Pack & Go comes in. This wonderful app is tailored specifically to parent and carers, enabling them to create a customised check-list in an instant. It can be personalised with photos, sounds and background colours and will ensure you always have the items you need when you’re out and about.


Developed in 2001, ParentMail was the first company in the UK to connect schools and parents in a unique and modern way. Offering a wide range of applications, ParentMail can be a real time-saver, with busy mums and dads able to receive school messages reliably, as well as book parents evening appointments, pay for school dinners and complete permission forms via a smart device – no more finding scrunched-up paper letters at the bottom of bags (or not finding them at all!).


With so much to buy on a regular basis, be it toiletries, new shoes or furniture for the nursery, not to mention social costs, it’s essential to keep tabs on your outgoings. HomeBudget allows you to do just that by keeping a close eye on your expenses including rent, food, entertainment, insurance/medical and other aspects of your life. It’ll also give you access to the amount you’re earning and account balances, presenting all information in bright, colourful charts. You can also set a budget, which should help you live within your means – ideal for any busy family.

Chore Bank

Getting the kids to help around the house can be tricky, but Chore Bank is designed to make this task a whole lot easier. With this swanky app you simply set up a chore list and assign a monetary value to each chore. Once it’s done, you can then tick it off the list and send the money for that chore to your child’s account. Now that’s awesome! What’s more, gifts and unexpected earnings can also be deposited into your child’s bank and you can make withdrawals as and when you need.

iFood Assistant

If you always eat the same things at meal times and are looking to vary your dinner options, iFood Assistant could be right up your street. Offering a recipe of the day and an idea for dinner tonight it’ll inspire you to cook new, healthy dishes for your whole brood – but that’s not all. iFood Assistant will even ping up photos and tips to get you in the mood as well as a comprehensive grocery list of everything you’ll need. It doesn’t get much simpler than this!

All families need a little helping hand from time-to-time, which is why these apps are ideal!


Around Here

Baya and Frozen Dolls
Baya getting ready to go watch Frozen – with her Hans, Elsa and Anna dolls ˆˆ

This weekend was just a normal one, at home for us. The girls had gym classes on Saturday afternoon. I always like those two hours – it’s the only time I can sit down for two full hours in the week and not feel I should be doing something! I usually read or chat with the my friend if she’s there.

On Sunday we took three very excited girls {and a excited Mama and Papa} to see Frozen at the cinema. Baya and Papa went to see it last year when the big girls and I were at the theatre. And while we’ve watched it approximately a million times since Christmas, we wanted to see it on the big screen. It was so good seeing it giant, Kiki loved that she could see what the chocolates were that Anna stuffed in her face!! The only hard part was not singing along really loud – something we’ve taken to doing at home as we know every single word!

Sunday afternoon was spent enjoying the sunshine in the garden. I’m always so grateful to have a big garden now the weather’s good. Animals were cleaned out, the lawn was feed and watered, weeds were pulled up. I’m loving these light evenings, excited now for lots of summer evenings spent sitting in the garden, with fire, friends and a drinky or two.

This week’s a busy one, as the schools are out here there are lots of extra things to do. Yesterday we went to roller disco with friends, Lola is volunteering at the Museum three days, we have a birthday party to go to, and my Mama arrives on Thursday for the Easter weekend!

Hope you all had a fab weekend too!

Crazy Kiki ˆˆ

Chip picnic after a trip to the Library ˆˆ

Little Ladybird friend

Coffee and cake ;)

Evening bike/scooter rides

Our blackrock, Liquorice ˆˆ

What They Wore

Baya new shoes

With four ladies in this house, you can well imagine how many shoes we have!! There are no such things as too many shoes though, so when lovely folk at shoezone offered us a voucher to go shoe shopping we were very excited! Kiddos feet grow so quickly that it seems we are always buying someone new shoes. As it’s finally time to kick off the winter boots and let our feet get some air, we went to have a look at their new Spring styles in store.

I was impressed at how big their range was, and how reasonably priced the shoes were. Buying three new pairs of shoes every month or two can get pretty darn expensive. It took us a long time to pick out our favourites – I’m sure we nearly tried on every pair in the shop in the process ;)

Unsurprisingly, Baya opted for some pink, glittery shoes! Teamed here with her favourite {this week} princess dress and she’s a happy bunny! Kiki picked these cute pumps, white might not have been my first choice, but she loved the glittery toe caps and sparkly butterflies! Miss Lola picked these cute floral shoes, and I grabbed {another} pair of Mary Janes – plain black ones, but I love these shoes! They are so comfy, and perfect for running around in everyday.

We’ll definitely be heading back to Shoezone next time we need to go shoe shopping!

kiki - new shoes

lola - new shoes

new shoes

Baya wore:
Princess Sofia dress – tesco
Shoes – c/o Shoezone

Kiki wore:
Dress – thrifted
tights – tesco
shoes – c/o Shoezone1

Lola wore:
Jeans – next
T-shirt – Pop
shoes – c/o Shoezone

Mama wore:
Leggings – ebay
Top – H&M
SHoes – c/o Shoezone

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