Make it: No-sew Fairy Tutu’s

fairy tutu's

Yesterday was a rainy day. The girls have spent most of the last week or two playing outdoors, enjoying the sunshine. A wet day indoors was the perfect excuse for us to get crafty. The girlies love dressing up, and we have a huge trunk full of dressing up outfits. Baya especially is in love right now with all things princess/fairy at the moment. She has been asking for a new tutu for a while, so we whipped up these no-sew fairy tutu’s and matching ones for their dolls.

fairy tutu

You’ll Need:

ribbon – enough to go around your waist and tie.
tulle – around 5m in total

I bought our tulle from eBay. We chose four colours, and bought metre lengths of each, that were 140cm wide. I then cut it into strips that were around 75cm long and 8cm wide.

Fold a strip of tulle in half, then place the folded end under the ribbon and thread the loose ends through the loop in the fabric above the ribbon, tighten to secure it.

tutu loopstutu close up

Keep adding more strips of tulle until you have filled around 3/4 of the ribbon {remembering to leave enough ribbon to tie it together}. When we had finished making all three of the kiddos tutu’s, we cut the leftover strips into smaller strips to make the mini tutu’s for dolls!


piggie tutu

Doesn’t every little pig need a tutu to wear?!

kiki and piggie in tutu's


This week’s Mamaheart is Catie from SpirtySol

Mamaheart Catie SpirtySol

‘What does motherhood mean to you?’
To me, motherhood means unconditional love. It means nurturing, and guiding, and supporting, and protecting. It means giving life, and then holding our breath as our babes learn to navigate this wild world. It means letting go– trusting that our children will find their way, and trusting that we will find our path as mothers, one stumbling step at a time. Kahlil Gibran does a pretty good job summing up motherhood for me: “You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth.”

‘How has motherhood changed you?’

When I was little girl, I used to fantasize about finding a hidden door in my house that lead to a secret room. The day my son was born, it felt like I had found a hidden door in my heart. All of sudden, I felt an overwhelming, all-encompassing love that I’d never experienced before. And each day that love grew stronger and deeper—and continues to do so.

Motherhood also humbled me in a powerful way. Before my son was born, I often found myself silently judging other mothers for their parenting choices—for using formula instead of breastfeeding, for pushing their babies in strollers instead of wearing them in slings, for feeding their children Cheetos instead of organic apples. I had a long list of expectations for myself as a mother. And then my son was born and my world turned on its head. I did manage to breastfeed and wear my baby as I had hoped to do, but I failed at every other “goal” I set for myself pre-baby. We do not have a sugar-free, TV-free, organic-only household as I once planned. My son watches more movies and eats more processed snacks than I ever imagined I would permit. But he is also a happy, energetic, bright little boy—and I am more relaxed and balanced mother than I could be when holding myself to my sky-high standards.

The more I “failed” at being the perfect, natural mother, the more compassion and understanding I had for other mothers. I no longer judge the women I see in the grocery store for their choices—I know that we’re all doing our best on this wild ride of motherhood.

‘What is the hardest part of being a mama?’
The most challenging part of being a mama for me is being “on” all of the time. My little one stopped napping before he turned 2, so from the moment he wakes up in the morning to the moment he falls asleep, I’m on call. Even when I’m sick or crabby or exhausted, there is a little being that depends on me, so crawling back into bed isn’t an option.

‘What is the biggest joy that your children have given you?’
Watching my son become his own person has been the biggest joy for me. I love seeing his personality develop, watching him discover new interests, and watching him light up with excitement and curiosity. My son’s emotions are always on the surface— his sparkling eyes and shrieking laughter are contagious—I can’t help but be happy when he is.

‘What one piece of advice would you give a first time mama?’
Prioritize rest! When my son was little, I brushed off all the advice to “sleep when the baby sleeps,” and ended up wearing myself raw from exhaustion. Instead of resting with my little one, I tried to keep up with endless cycles of dishes and laundry and housework.

To all the new mamas: You will have plenty of years to have a clean house and folded laundry. Nobody really cares if you live in yoga pants and wrinkled shirts or if your carpet hasn’t been vacuumed in weeks and you can’t find your sink under the pile of dishes. While you’re still in the trenches of life with a babe, focus on what really matters—rest!

I’m looking for more Mama’s to take part in this series. If you’d like to be involved, please drop me an email!

Spring Layers


As soon as the sun came back, and spring arrived, I threw off the winter coat and enjoyed the feeling of sun and fresh air on my skin! It’s funny how temperatures that in the autumn leave you reaching for more layers, in the spring find you taking off layers! While we’ve had some lovely sunny days, it’s often still just a little bit chilly. Living in Wales, we’re used to rapidly changing weather, and being prepared. Layers are the key to this weather – sweaters, cardigans, scarfs.

I recently came across REPEAT Cashmere. A luxury range of cashmere clothing for men and women. Soft and luxurious against your skin, they are the perfect items for layering this spring.

I picked a few of my favourite items from Repeat Cashmere to share with you here – the print on the sweater at the top is gorgeous – perfectly boho. I love scarfs, I have so many as they are a great way of adding a little warmth on a cool spring day, and the giraffe print on this one is lovely! I love oversized, loose cardigans to throw on over a dress, and this one looks perfect – I love the ombre effect! My last pick is this ‘Love Big’ sweater – a prefecgt motto to live by don’t you think?! Which is your favourite from my picks?




Our weekend in photos


enjoying the sunshine!

Hello! Hope you all had a good Easter weekend! Ours was a fun, relaxing weekend – perfect after a hectic week. My Mum came over on Thursday, it’s always good to have family visit. We enjoyed the sunshine, played in the park, planted some seeds, bought new dolls, played in a different park, ate lots of chocolate, hunted for the Easter eggs that the Easter Bunny hid in our garden, skyped with Uncle Andrew in America, watched Frozen {again}, did two more easter egg hunts, saw lambs, chicks, goats and bunnies and played outdoors lots! It was the perfect weekend!

Easter Bunny brought us all lots of yummy chocolates, I’m not sure the kiddos have much of theirs left…. Easter Sunday I made a huge roast dinner, followed by yummy easter themed desert – half chocolate eggs, filled with ice-cream and topped with chocolate dipped fruit. I think it’s time for a juice fest now after all that chocolate!

The girlies always like it when Gramsie is here, someone new to show off their newly learnt skills, to read books to them and to play with! Living far from family, it’s extra special to be able to spend holidays with them

sowing seeds

always reading

fun at the park

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Things I need to do today + free printable

to-do list

I’m not naturally a very organised person, but, I’ve been trying to work on that. Running a business and homeschooling three kiddos means my to-do lists are never ending and I’m usually trying to do twenty things at once. Lists are my friends. Seriously – if I don’t write it down, it generally doesn’t get done. I try and make a ‘master list’ at the weekend, of all the things that I’d like to get done that week. Then I’ve found that making a list of things to do each day means I actually stand a chance of getting them done.

If you click on the image you can download the full size, printable image. I print a stack out, and fill one in each morning, so that I can tick each thing off as I get it done. I’ve found they’re also pretty useful for the kiddos to use too… add on chores/work etc that you’d like them to do each day… mine LOVE crossing things off {just like their Mama!}.

Making a list each day means that I know what I’m meant to be doing, meaning you won’t find me sat on my computer staring at facebook… {well, not often!}. It helps when I have five minutes if I can just look at the list and tackle one of my to-do’s – I think it really does help me be as productive as I am!

Do you love list making as much as I do?!


baya 1652
kiki 1652
Lola - 16/52

Baya – I found the easter bunny!
Kiki – Love this face – she’s always happy and up to mischief!
Lola – she’s been volunteering at the musuem all week – perfect place for my history loving girl

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