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Vega – 4 week update

vega 4 wks old

Vega was four weeks old yesterday…. I’m sat here nursing him this morning, and I can’t imagine he’s been here four weeks already, but equally it feels like he’s always been here.

We’ve settled into our new normal now, routines are getting back on track, we’ve figuring our way around this whole newborn thing again quite well. He still likes to nurse most of the day {especially the moment before I have to leave the house to get anywhere on time!}, he’s a pretty good sleeper, most nights he’ll feed around midnight, then 2 and 4, though sometimes we manage to skip the 2am feed! He’s usually only up for ten/fifteen minutes at those feeds before he’s snoring again and we’re usually up for the day around seven/half past seven. This time around, I’m enjoying the peace of those night-time feeds. There’s no distractions, no one else who needs me, no where I should be, just the two of us. I know it won’t last forever, so I’m savouring every single second. While I’m tired, I’m getting six or seven hours {broken up} every night, I’m coping pretty well this time around – it was one thing I was worried about, lack of sleep and I don’t go well together!

I’m loving having a newborn around again, having a little squidge who wants to snuggle and sleep on me. His big sisters are still besotted with him and he gets so many cuddles and kisses. He’s a happy little fella and it’s amazing to see him get a little more alert and interested every day.

I’m going to start posting these updates monthly from now on, these weekly updates are making time pass far too quickly!!

4 week old vega
4 week vega
VEGA four weeks


vega 452baya 452kiki 452lola 452

Vega – those lips!
Baya – kitty cuddles
Kiki – watching for animals out the train window
Lola – daydreaming

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52 Weeks of Gratitude – Week Thirty Seven

image source

This weeks been one of those *ahem* slightly more challenging weeks… nothing major, just short tempers, kiddos who argue {lots}, too much rain/cold meaning we’ve been in the house lots, all of us cooped up together driving each other slightly crazy{ier}. What we need is a week in the sunshine, somewhere hot! I think that’s very unlikely to happen anytime soon though…. this week has made me realise just how badly we need to move to a bigger house.

It’s weeks like this, that I find it vital to find the good things, to remind myself what’s important and seek out happy things instead of thinking about the not so good….

* a parcel of goodies from the lovely Fritha – a couple of fab baby vests, this tumble doll for Vega AND a little bottle of bubbly {which is much needed this weekend!}
* coffee…. I totally went off the taste when I was pregnant, and am grateful I can stomach it once again – some mornings I need that caffeine kick!
* spending the day at our home ed group – a day out of the house, the kiddos happy in the company of their friends and other actual adults to talk to {and not just type-talk} = a very happy mama
* a cosy bed – I put our old electric blanket back on the bed this week, meaning when I can switch it on if I’m up with the baby in the night, and have a warm cosy bed to snuggle back into and a warm bed means I fall back asleep far faster! Every extra second of sleep is vital!
* Kiki – she’s still topping my list of baby essentials this week – not sure what I’d do without her! She loves Vega so much, and loves nothing more than helping me out, either brother cuddling/rocking/walking about or making sure I have everything I need if I’m feeding him.

We’re off out to a birthday party today, and planning a lazy day for tomorrow {that most certainly includes pancakes and a movie!} What do you have planned for your weekend? Don’t forget to link up your gratitude posts below :)