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Wednesday, July 30th

My favourite salad dressing

I’ve been craving lots of yummy fresh food this pregnancy. I’ve been making myself a plateful of salad every lunch timne {and usually to go with whatever we’re having for dinner too!}. In this hot weather salad, houmous and oatcakes is perfect – light and filling. I try and make sure my salad is colourful – sweetcorn, beetroot, salad onions, tomato, bell pepper, cucumber. Topped with a little feta and some toasted pinenuts I don’t think I could ever get bored of eating this!

Somedays I just dress it with a splash of balasamic viniager, but right now I’ve been loving this salad dressing I make. Extra virgin olive oil, lime juice, honey and a pinch of cumin. So tasty. I mix equal parts oil and lime juice, with a teaspoon or two of honey and 1/4 teaspoon cumin. It keeps in the fridge for a few days, and a little drizzled over my salad makes it taste even more scrummy.

I think after this weekend at Camp Bestival, I’m going to be so grateful to get home and eat lots and lots of salad next week!! Incredibly grateful that this is what I’m craving to eat!

Tuesday, July 29th

Let’s go glamping

glamping collage


We’re almost set for a weekend camping at Camp Bestival. There’s a big pile of stuff gathered ready in my living room {you can see our packing list HERE} I’m definetly more of a glamping girl than a roughing it girl. I love camping BUT I do like a few creature comforts. I decorate our pitch with some bunting and solar powered fairy lights. Duvets for me {I have a pink 70s vintage one that is my favourite to take}, lots of blankets for chilly evenings and cushions to make it comfy. A pretty {and practical} rag rug for the front door. Colourful plastic glasses are much cuter than melamine mugs too! Wellies are kind of a festival essential and what better than a pair of Hunter Boots? Plus a pretty, boho backpack to carry essentials around in all day long and dry shampoo to keep you looking fresh as a daisy! How about you – do you like roughing it, or do you prefer your creature comforts?

Monday, July 28th

Slow Summer Days

baya drinking Little Cracker Drinks

The weather this week has been amazing! SO hot and sunny… we’ve been soaking up every little bit. My Mama came this week for a visit that coincided with her birthday on Friday. We spent the day out at the river at a local country park, Ty Mawr. We found a little bay that had some shade as well, which was much appreciated as it really was incredibly hot.

We packed up a picnic full of yummy greek salad, falafel and pitta breads, and some of these yummy Little Cracker Drinks we got sent to test out. We usually just take bottles of water, but sometimes you want something a little fruitier. These drinks have none of the usual nasties – they are simply water and fruit juice, so I’m quite happy to let the kiddos drink them. Popped in the freezer for an hour or two before you leave the house, they were still refreshingly cool when we wanted a cold drink. The girls all seemed to favour the Apple & Raspberry flavour, though the Orange & Lemon came in a close second. Mama’s favourite was the Blackcurrant & Cherry {I’m a sucker for anything Cherry} and I quite liked the Pear & Vanilla. I think we’ll be keeping some in stock for future picnics, and when the girls need a snack for a group.

We also managed to tick another off our summer bucket list – swimming in the river. The water was was cool and so refreshing on a hot day. There were lots of teeny fishes swimming around our feet too! It brought back memories of the summer I was pregnant with Kiki. She was born at the end of August, and I spent most of that summer sat in the same river – it was the only place I could keep cool!

Monday, July 28th

Maternity Series – Week 19

Maternity Series- Week Nineteen

Nineteen weeks – there’s no hiding this bump! It’s only when I see these photos that I realise how much it’s there. I’m still wearing mostly my normal clothes, though my shorts are getting a touch tight {thank goodness for the hair bobble on the button trick!}.

I’m still feeling pretty great, sickness is long gone, and my energy levels are nearly back to normal. As long as I take my Spatone everyday, and remember to snack in-between meals all is good. I’ve had an achy back a few nights, but I have a pregnancy pillow on the way so I’m hoping that helps me get a little more comfortable at night. Now if only children/husbands/cats/chickens didn’t keep waking me up at 6am I’d be a happy Mama ;)

dear baby.... week nineteen

I can’t believe how fast this pregnancy is flying past! Thankfully, we’re actually pretty sorted already. All we really have left to buy are baby clothes, and I’m hanging on to know if I need pink or blue clothes! What is your guess – boy or girl??

Mother's Always Right
Sunday, July 27th


baya 30/52

Kiki - 30/52

Lola 30/52

Happy girlies at the River

Linking up with Jodi

Saturday, July 26th

52 Weeks of Gratitude – Week Twelve

friendly squirel

  1. loving this warm weather
  2. a parcel of beautiful flower headbands from Folky Dokey
  3. these smoothies
  4. ice pops
  5. homemade carrot cake for my Mama’s birthday yesterday
  6. the first teeny onsies I got ready for this bump!
  7. it being almost, very nearly, Camp Bestival time!
  8. Friday nights in the park, listening to a band
  9. scrummy greek salad for my lunch {every day!}
  10. late night chats with my girlies