Don’t be filthy in your home: get stylish

Don’t be filthy in your home: get stylish
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Human beings have a strange propensity for living in their own filth. Dishes piled higher than mountains, mould forming on the kitchen counter and living rooms that could be mistaken for rubbish tips – we’ve all let our homes fall into such messes before, and simply shrugged it off.

It’s only when people come round that the slovenly among us bother to clean up, kicked into action by embarrassment. But what if, after all your scrubbing and polishing, you discovered that your home looks a bit rubbish anyway, with interior design decisions that would’ve looked outdated in 1973?

Sometimes everyone’s home goes to the dogs, but there are a few interior design strategies that could add style to your home with a minimum of effort.

Here are just a few.

Make a mat matter 

Your manky floors ain’t going to look better over time. The more you allow that ground-in dirt and faded colouring to linger, the more your carpet will be exacerbated with the passing of the years. And if you’ve already got food stains on your carpeting, it might be time to call this a terminal case.

But you don’t have to shell out for entirely new flooring. Instead, pick up a high-quality mat to cover any stains or worn-out sections of your carpet.

This isn’t just a quick fix, either – with a fully machine washable mat, your flooring is far less likely to wear out.

Culture shock 

While we all love a dose of Celebrity Big Brother, a highbrow aesthetic in your living room could lend it a timeless feel.

Invest in a snazzy bookshelf for your front room and fill it with a ton of veritable classics, from Shakespeare to Wordsworth and beyond. To complement your natty hardbacks, find some neat bookends in the form of ornaments or candlesticks.

Not only will this look great on its own, but it’ll act as a neat counterpoint to your widescreen telly and ragged copies of the TV Guide.

A focal point 

No matter how much mess you have strewn across the floor, you can always distract visitors with a neat focal point that will draw their eye.

Whether it’s a cool ornament, a neat table or a feature wall, one striking element in a room can bring the whole space together.

The most important element of your focal point is that it stands out from the rest of your room, all without looking garish. It’s a fine balancing act that largely falls down to personal taste – but get it right and you’ll wow guests like you were presenting them with a bar of gold.

My Absolute Must Haves for This Season

Each time a new season rolls around it’s the perfect opportunity to go shopping and treat ourselves to a few new things. The warmer weather appears to finally be setting in, so I’m making a shopping list of the things I must have this season! Take a look…

The Classic Trench

The classic trench coat is such an amazing piece to have in your wardrobe, that I’ve decided I must get one this season. They’re not too heavy or too thin, so they’re perfect when the weather is being temperamental – in other words, all the time! They look classy and timeless, so it’s a real investment piece.

A Shirt Dress

The shirt dress can be worn with bare legs when the sun is out, or with tights/leggings when you want to cover up. I love wearing it loose for a more casual look, or tightening it up with a belt if I feel like showing off my shape. There are so many styles out on the high street that I just don’t know what I’ll pick! I also love looking for vintage shirt dresses to try – they’re so unique and I love that nobody has them but me!



Something Striped…Anything!

This is THE pattern to be seen in this season, so I’m definitely investing in something striped. I might treat myself to a striped top, trousers, or dress. I love how wearing vertical stripes instantly makes me appear slimmer!

A Pretty New Bag

A new bag for every season, that’s my motto! I have to carry a ton of things with me wherever I go (thanks kids!), so it must be just the right size and shape. I won’t sacrifice my style points though, so I always research the handbags in style and pick my favourite.



A Coloured Leather Jacket

I love how edgy black leather jackets are, but I love how fun a coloured one can be! They’re perfect for brightening up a dreary day or making the most of the sun! I hear bright orange is the colour to be seen in this season, and River Island do a lovely one.

A Polo Top

Polo tops are so casual yet so cool. I’ve even spotted a few cropped versions I might try if I can find the perfect pair of high waisted jeans to go with them. I just know this would look amazing with the next thing on my list…

A Parka

Again, another classic coat that’s perfect for any weather – I like to switch things up! The parka is more casual than the trench but looks effortlessly cool at all times. I’ll miss my snuggly coat from Warehouse, but there’s always next year for that!

A Kimono

A gorgeous patterned kimono for when the weather perks up is just what the fashion doctor ordered. I love how a very simple, basic outfit can be transformed with the help of one of these babies!

Are you lusting after any of my must haves too? Let me know yours by leaving a comment!

TV for a new Mama


My evening TV companion ;)

While I always love watching a bit of TV, the odd show or movie, since Mr Vega was born I’ve watched a tonne. Before, I used the evenings to work once the girls were in bed. Since his arrival, he usually demands my attention in the evening {plus by then I’m so tired I can barely string two words together}. Netlix has proved to be a huge lifesaver. When the girlies were babies, we only had terrestrial TV… meaning we had to make do with whatver rubbish happened to be on. We haven’t actually had normal TV for 6 years now, and have had a Netflix subscription for the last 4, meaning we can watch what we want, when we want. Ooooh so modern :p

Anyway, I digress… evenings with a baby mean no work so I’ve been popping the TV on for a little entertainment in between nappy changes, bathtime, and booby feeds…. here’s a list of what I {and Mr V} have been watching these past four months:

Call the Midwife – I’ve watched them all before, but they were the perfect post-birth watching, though many episodes made me sob uncontrollably!

The Good Wife – I’m well behind the times on this one, but after hearing so many people rave about it, I finally gave in and have binge watched all that Netflix had to offer! It’s so good {and with Chris Noth gives me a little eye candy!}

Peep Show – after a brief stint sharing a house with 4 boys when the husband and I first got together, I quite like me a little boy humour… it’s been years since I watched the Peep Show, but it still made me giggle quite a bit

House – I watched the first couple of episodes ages ago, but have been re-watching this lately {mainly for more eye candy!}

Unbreakable kimmy schmidt – I’ve only watched the first two episodes so far, but it’s fab! I love Ellie Kemper {from The Office} and think I’m going to love this series!

What have you been watching recently?

I’m a member of the Netflix Stream Team, but I really have watched all of these and am a big Netflix fan ;)

The ultimate Frozen gift guide

frozen fever

If you can sing In Summer from start to finish and have virtually perfected the Love is an Open Door duet between Anna and Hans, you probably either live with a Frozen fan or you are the Frozen fan. Thanks to the popularity of this Disney film – which is currently the highest grossing animation ever earning £723million worldwide – you can now buy a range of fabulous Frozen-related merchandise, so check out this ultimate gift guide.

Frozen t-shirts

Kids love wearing themed clothes, which is why these Frozen-inspired t-shirts from the likes of LamaLoLi are ideal. Available in a range of sizes and designs they feature an array of popular movie characters, including Elsa the Snow Queen and Anna making them ideal for little girls.

Clothing sets

As well as t-shirts, you can also treat Frozen-lovers to complete clothing sets that include everything from t-shirt and short combos to short-sleeved tops and leggings. Not only are these practical and comfortable to play in but they’ll also look great and are sure to put a smile on the face of anyone who loves this epic movie.

Pyjama sets

From daywear to nightwear, Frozen-themed pyjamas are also incredibly popular with printed top and bottom sets being the ideal choice for a girly sleepover or a night in watching the movie a large bag of popcorn.

Frozen dresses

If you know a little girl that not only adores the Frozen Disney movie but also loves wearing pretty dresses, Frozen frocks will make the ideal gift. Typically made from cotton, they’re great for birthday parties and days out alike and can be teamed with tights or even Frozen leggings.

Frozen hats

With summer rapidly approaching, a funky hat decorated with Frozen characters could be the perfect gift. A peaked hat is the ideal way to keep little ones safe in the sun and will look great teamed with their other Frozen attire.

Frozen beach towels

Similarly, if you’re getting ready for the warmer weather or preparing to go on holiday, a Frozen beach towel featuring an array of the movie’s most-popular characters, including Olaf the summer-loving snowman, is a must.

Frozen jewellery and cosmetics

Believe it or not you can even buy Frozen-inspired jewellery and cosmetics including perfume, watches, hair bobbles, combs and much, much more.

Frozen bags

Looking for a great way to present your Frozen gifts to that special little person? Well how about popping them inside one of the fabulous Frozen bags and backpacks on offer in the clothing section in supermarkets or online\? There’s no doubt about it, Frozen has been a huge hit and with a second movie due to be released there’s sure to be a wealth of new merchandise unveiled in the near future, so watch this space.

Letting go of perfect

letting go of perfect

I’m sure I’m not the only one guilty of it.

Expecting too much of ourselves.

As Mama’s we wear so many hats, have so many things to do, so many people we try to please, so many roles to juggle every single day.

We expect ourselves to be perfect 100% of the time.

An unrealistic expectation, that simply brings us more stress that we really don’t need.

The past four months have been busy to say the least. I kidded myself that one more person in the house wouldn’t make that much of a difference.

And in a way it hasn’t… Vega has slotted into our family as if he’s always been here. Yet at the same time, I have more demands on my time. Another person to care for, whilst trying to do everything I’ve been doing before he arrived.

I’ve been trying to keep every ball up in the air, refusing to give in and admit that I need to slow down and let the unimportant go.

Trying to be perfect in every aspect.

Trying to be the perfect Mama.

The perfect Wife.

Keep a perfect house

Be perfect at work…

In doing so, I’ve stressed myself out. Made myself feel bad for not doing it all.

Finally, I’ve realised that it’s ok to not be perfect. It’s ok to not do it all, all by myself.

It’s OK to say no, to leave the dishes, or not hoover the floor, or not blog every day, or reply to emails as soon as they ping into my inbox.

I can’t do it all.

In truth, all that matters is that my kiddos are fed, clean and loved. Hugs and kisses cannot wait, dirty dishes can.

Add to my crazy life having to pack up six people’s belongings, and six years of our lives in this house, and something has to give.

So I’m slowing down, taking a step back, and just letting go of perfect.

The world can wait, I’m taking care of me right now.