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After three girls, when I found out I was expecting baby number four, I imagined more pretty dresses, tutus and all things pink… so on finding out that this one was a boy I was a little stumped as to what I was going to dress him in. I took a walk around the high street to see what was on offer, and realised that there was much less of a choice for boys than for girls, and that what was on offer was a lot more boring. Well not all of it – but you have to search that little bit harder!

Thankfully, Papa and I both agree pretty much on what we like/don’t like… no to baby blue, cutesie, t-shirts with things like ‘Daddy’s little soldier’ on them…. yes to bright, vibrant colours and funky prints . I tend to keep my babies in babygrows for the first few months, one it’s way easier for dressing and changing than faffing around with fiddly clothes, plus, they grow so fast I like them to look like tiny babies as long as possible! I’m managed to pick up some first size vests and onesies in bright colours, and I have plans to dye some plain white ones too.

As baby boy will be in cloth nappies, I’ve been looking at leggings for him – I’ve gotten a few pairs similar to the stipey ones above, plus some long-john style ones too.

We’re planning on picking up a few band t-shirts for him, and I’ve gotten a snuggly, fleecy snowsuit for trips outside. H&M seem to be a good high street store for funky baby boy wear, and I’ve picked up the odd thing in here and there, but it’s much more hit and miss than looking for girls clothes. Gap and Pumpkin Patch have some good choices, and of course, Etsy – the antler print leggings are amazing aren’t they?!

Where are your favourite places to buy baby boys clothes that don’t cost a fortune?

Great tips for saving on your wedding day

You wouldn’t believe the cost of the typical British wedding. At LEAST £18,000 apparently, and the figure is growing. What a scary concept!

You’ve just started your wedding journey and whilst it will be as fun as it is stressful, that sort of cost CAN be cut down if you know the way. The tricks of the trade are at your disposal:

Get yourself a planner

I know what you’re thinking; “but that will cost more!”

Not necessarily.

With the internet, wedding planners don’t just come in human form. In fact, they can be online and not cost you a penny.

wedding 1

With so many factors going into a wedding, a simple list often just doesn’t cut it. You need everything in front of you in a tidy super organisational fashion. Online, you can get tools such as Budget Tracking, Seating Planner and Guest Lists ready and waiting for you to take advantage of. With that scary £18,000 still running through your mind, the budget tracking in particular is ideal so why not try You can add your overall budget and get a breakdown of costs, customised categories prioritising those factors you find most important including surrounding events such as the hen do and honeymoon to help you plan to the minutest detail.

Call in your friends and family

Your friends and family are with you through thick and thin so call them in when you need an extra pair of hands! Everyone has that one or many talents that they can bring to the table; those cute little details you can include to make your wedding day complete. Whether your best friend is a talented illustrator handy at arts and crafts or your mum gives Jamie Oliver a serious run for his money, you will be surprised how much they can help and how much you can save from this. Here are a couple of categories you can enlist help or do it yourself:

  • Invitations could have that personal edge saving you approximately £100.
  • Buffet vs Three Course Meal; rather than opting for the three course meal where you know a fair bit will be going to waste, you could opt for a buffet that suits everyone. Three course meals can cost anything from £25 to nearly £100 per head. A buffet is a fraction of the price.
  • With the flowers, if you’re a keen gardener or have a member of the family with green fingers, pick them yourself! This will mean you have a truly original arrangement as well.
  • Transport; yes, it would be nice to roll up in a Rolls Royce but in hindsight, you could save a packet here by choosing for a lift with your old man instead of one trip where the guest can appreciate said transport for about ten minutes.
  • wedding 2


    There are so many varying factors to a wedding day. Is there anything you can put on the backburner? We would all love our dream wedding (no strings attached and limitless budget) but in reality, you will need to take a hard look and see exactly what you what you can afford and whether you can cut or remove certain features.

    A really simple, if traditional, way to sort through what feels like an uphill battle is to write down all the categories you wish to include (from the rings to registry to food to transport) on separate cards and rate from most important. This will make it so much easier to assign appropriate budget that you will stick to as well.


    Haggling isn’t just reserved for Only Fools And Horses. Us Brits hate to haggle. The very thought of it makes us feel nervous and clammy.

    Whether it’s the venue, dress or something considerably smaller like the invitations, see if you can get even the minutest of discounts (everything makes a difference!) and if they absolutely can’t offer a discount? See what else you can get into the price. For example, with your party hall/room, are there any decorations the venue can add? This could be chair covers, a small buffet or even a free bar (for a limited time of course).

Planning a holiday with

new york

While we haven’t actually been abroad in a few years {and none of us curerently have valid passports} that doesn’t stop a girl from dreaming, right?! One place that has always been high on my ‘must visit’ list is New York City. Maybe from watching too many episdoes of Friends, but I’ve always longed to visit the city, see the Statue of Liberty, take a stroll in Central Park, see the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree….

There’s no chance of me making it this December, but I had fun pretending that I would be going. I actually love all the planning that goes into a trip, and by using it got a whole lot more fun! The site is a great alternative to other search engine. I love that you can create a plan for your trip and save all the details to it – flights, links for hotels or places you’d like to visit, all in one spot. You can also invite friends to your plan – great if you’re travelling with others!

Creating a plan is easy, initially you start by filling in five areas – a title for your plan, tags {new york, city, winter}, choose a picture, add a description, and finally adding in email addresses of family or friends who you’d like to share your plan with.

amadeas screenprint

Once your plan is created, you can search for flights – makes it easy, as you can type ‘fly from manchester to new york on 1st December return 5th December’ and it does all the searching for you. It also has smart filters so you can sort by cheapest, or choose only direct flights.

amadeas screenprint 2

You can save the searches to your plan, so you can easily come back and look at the flights it found for you, you can also click the little heart symbol underneath flights to add those to your plan too! Lastly you can make your plan public so others can be inspired by your trip! You can see mine here.

amadeas screenprint 3 is not a transactional site, you cannot purchase directly through it. However when selecting flights, a tab opens up showing the different prices and their is a button to click on to get to the airlines and travel agents’ websites.

Now the best bit – check out my plan, and then plan your own trip! What do you think of the site – and where is top of your to-visit list?

Around the home: A peek at our re-decorated kitchen

kitchen 1
kitchen 2
kitchen 3
kitchen elephant
kitchen floor
kitchen window

I’m so glad to have gotten this room {almost} all sorted. The nesting bug hit me hard a couple of weeks ago, and I spent a good week deliberating over what colour to go for in the kitchen. I thought about a white/grey colour, but in the end decided that I like my kitchen + bathroom to be bright, warm and cheerful. So… after painting almost a zillion splodges of testers on the wall… we finally opted for this mustardy-yellow colour called ‘Bumblebee’. It’s bright, but not too yellow {if that makes any sense}, a lovely warm colour that makes the room feel sunnier and cosier, great given we’re heading into colder weather!

I painted the walls early on Wednesday morning, scrubbed all the woodwork down, took down the curtains that were at the windows and then put everything back later on when the wall were dry! It looked better for a fresh coat of paint, but it wasn’t until Friday when Papa managed to put down the new floor for me that I was happy with it. Oh boy did that floor make a difference! Even Papa was surprised {and from someone who didn’t really think that a new floor was as important as I did!}. But really, it has made the biggest difference, I keep walking in there just to admire it ;)

There are still a couple of things need doing, I need to find some fabric to make a new curtain for the under-the0= sink storage area, it’s currently a floral purple fabric, so I want to find something that is maybe an orange colour. I’m also on the lookout for some new window curtains – before I had a triangular scarf up at each window, they work great a they let in lots of light still, but hide the slightly grubby woodwork and ‘prettify’ the place a little!

It’s a hard room to photograph as it is really tiny… no really really tiny. Being a rental, I can’t rip the whole lot out and put in a lovely new kitchen however much I’d love to. But at least, with a fresh coat of paint on the walls and some new flooring down it looks so much less grubby than it did, and nice enough to last us another year or so until we move house.

Saving Memories with Photoworld

One of the things I love most about blogging, is that I capture the everyday… not just photos of ‘special events’ but those thousands of little moments in the every day. The ones that build the story of our family and our lives. Put together, they create something so special, something to look back on as our family grows up, and remind us off all the fun, love and happiness we’ve experienced along the way. I love looking back on the photos of my own childhood, recalling the moments that they captured and reliving the memories that they stir.


Family// I love my girls so much, seeing the world through your childrens eyes is magical. Seeing the joy that simple things can bring them, this photo from the first time we raised butterfly’s always makes me smile, they were so fascinated watching the caterpillars grow and change into butterfly’s.


Friendship// Watching friendships blossom and grow over the years, seeing them have their secrets and games together, watching them build their own memories, knowing how important my childhood friendships were to me.


Travel// My favourite place by far to visit is the sea. I love the sounds of the waves crashing, the smell of the salt in the air and the feeling of freedom and peace that the ocean always brings to me.


Celebration// Fires almost always feature in our celebrations. Birthdays, anniversary’s, solstices… we love nothing better than a fire, bbq and a garden full of friends.

While so many of my photos are preserved here on my blog, for me to look back on and enjoy, nothing quite beats a photo album that you can flip page in and hold. I love looking back through our family’s history, in the albums and photobooks that I’ve put together.

To celebrate the relaunch of their website, Photoworld are running a #weprintmemories competiton. There are these amazing prizes up for grabs:

1st prize – the new 16GB First Generation Lytro Camera, £250 worth of John Lewis vouchers and £250 CEWE Photoworld vouchers
2nd prize – £100 CEWE Photoworld vouchers
3rd prize – £50 CEWE Photoworld vouchers

To enter, all you have to do is tweet a photo memory to @cewephotoworld with the hashtag #weprintmemories in keeping with that weeks theme. This weeks theme is Family, followed by Friends, Travel and Celebration. You can find out more about the competition here.

post in association with Photoworld

Maternity Series – Week 26

maternity series - week twenty six

Crikey, these updates seem to come around so fast! I can’t believe I’m 26 weeks already, this pregnancy is really flying by! Still feeling great, not too tired, not too achey, full of energy – so all is good!

Little man get a little more wriggly every single day, now I can really see him moving inside my tummy – it’s so funny watching your belly move around isn’t it?! One of my favourite things, and I find myself just sat staring when he’s awake and jiggling around in there.. Still sleeping well, thanks to my Theraline Maternity Pillow… I’ve even managed a few nights of sleeping through without having to get up to go to the loo!! Now that is something to be thankful for!

dear baby.... week twenty six

I still sometimes forget that I have a bump… then I go to bend over or do something and I can’t!! I don’t weigh myself, we don’t even have scales at home, so no idea what I weighed before or now… nor do I care to be honest. I’m still wearing my normal ‘small’ size vests, I’m eating pretty much the same as I did when I wasn’t pregnant and it seems to be mostly ‘bump’. My first and third pregnancies I put on a little weight, maybe a stone or so, but it came off a few weeks after having the baby, second time around, I put on less, literally was all on the bump and I even wore my normal jeans through the whole pregnancy! I think this time takes after the first and third, so fingers crossed the weight comes straight off again ;)