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52 Weeks of Gratitude – Week Twenty-Five


  1. Turkish Delight – stressful week = a need for chocolate!!!
  2. Having pretty much finished my Christmas shopping this week {thank goodness for Amazon!} I’m planning on being all done well before this baby comes so I can sit back and relax!
  3. Haircut – gave myself a much-needed trim, I haven’t cut my hair at all since I’ve been pregnant and it was in dire need of a trim. Split ends are no more and my layers got cut back in :)
  4. A lazy Friday, this week was super stressful, I woke up yesterday with a stinking headache so took the day off and just chilled out
  5. The Buggy Brolly Company sent me an umbrella that clips on to my pushchair! SO excited to test it out in a few weeks!
  6. This Intensive Hand Repair cream from Bee Good – it’s amazing! My hands are always really dry, and I get a little patch of eczema every winter – but I’ve been using this for the past few weeks and my hands are so much softer than before, and no signs of any eczema or itchiness.
  7. Morning cwtch’s with Baya – every day she hops in my bed, lies on her tummy, pulls her PJ top up and demands I massage her back!
  8. An almost finished Bathroom – walls are painted, woodwork is painted – it’s looking good! Just need to order some new flooring, and get the new window in and it’ll be as good as new.
  9. Sleep – I’ve slept much better this week – no nights on the sofa with back ache :) It’s the little things…… :p
  10. An afternoon in the park with Papa and the girlies

Family Holidays in the UK

Some of my happiest memories from being a kid are from the holidays around the UK that we took. It’s easy to overlook the country we live in and forget that there are many beautiful, fun and exciting places to visit in the UK that you don’t need to venture abroad to have a great holiday with your family.

We’ve only taken our kiddos on holidays in the UK, and we’ve always had a great time. I’m starting to think about next years holidays already. Here are a few ideas for UK based holidays:


We’ve been camping a few times, and it is a great way to spend a few days or a week! We’ve camped in the countryside and at family festivals. The kiddos love sleeping under the stars and it’s a great way to get back to nature for a while! If you’re not a fan of roughing it, you could always go glamoing – I fancy a week in a Bell Tent soon!

Holiday Parks


Holiday Parks such as Park Resorts make for fantastic family holidays. With different types of accommodation – from caravans to chalets, there is something to suit every budget. With everything you need on site – swimming pools, play parks, day time clubs for your kiddos and even evening entertainment – they really do offer something for everyone. The Park Resorts blog have just posted a fantastic blog post – ‘Wales most wonderful walks‘ – it’s given me some ideas for next years holidays that are really close to home!


When I was little, I remember us staying in self-catering cottages many times. They are a great base for a family holiday – especially if you’re meeting up with extended family. Offering a base from which to explore the local area, they are great if you have small children and want somewhere you can sit in an evening once they are in bed.

City Breaks

We visited Bristol earlier in the year, exploring all the city had to offer. City Breaks can be great family holidays – exploring local parks, attractions and musuems. We stayed in a family room in a Youth Hostel. We’re planning on taking a short trip to London next year.

Seaside Holidays

Everyone loves the seaside! There are some beautiful stretches of coast in the UK. Parts of the North Wales coastline and the south of England are stunning – you could almost belief you are abroad! We had a mini-break in Bournemouth earlier this year, and I would love to take the girls to Devon or Cornwall. Kiddos are always happy to spend endless days on the beach, playing in the waves, collecting shells, building a castle – whilst Mum and Dad sit back and relax!

post in association with Park Resorts, all words and opinions are my own

Autumn Maternity Top Wishlist

autumn maternity tops

one // two // three
four // five // six

Being pregnant over the summer was easy, I wore my normal long tank tops and leggings pretty much day in, day out. Now the weather has started to turn so much cooler, I’m suddenly realising that I don’t have any warmer clothes that will fit over my growing bump. So far I’ve made do with those same tank tops, adding a cardigan on when I get chilly. Those cardies don’t actually fasten up, nor does any of my coats! I have one long sleeved top that fits, and one maternity dress with longer sleeves.

I think the time has come to purchase a couple of tops to see me through the next few weeks. I feel the cold easily, so tanks just aren’t going to do the job as autumn gives way to winter. Plus, I have really sensitive skin, so wearing woollen jumpers/cardigans straight on my skin, usually makes me really itchy and irritates my exzema. I’ve been online window shopping for a few long sleeved, cotton-y tops to wear.

I really love that printed stretchy to from Esprit and also the black chunky jumper would be perfect with some jeans on a cold day. Layering is essential for me, I seem to switch between being too hot or too cold so fast. A tank layered under a long sleeved top makes the perfect winter outfit for me. All that I need to complete my winter wardrobe is a new hat and scarf set. I’m loving this ribbed bobble beanie and this plaited snood is lovely!

What is your go-to winter outfit?

Halloween Monster Jellies with Hartleys Jelly

hartleys monster jelly

strawberry lace kiss

monster jelly making kiki

monster jelly lola

monster jelly hartleys

The kiddos are getting very excited for Halloween, even more so when a box of goodies arrived from Hartleys Jelly with the challenge to make some jelly monsters! We made some individual pots of jelly and left them to set overnight. Everyone had fun using sweets & icing pens to create our own monsters.

White chocolate button eyes, strawberry laces for hair and candy corn fangs – I think we may have eaten more sweets in the making than we put on our monsters!

Everyone was happy with the finished results – what do you think?! We’re planning on making some more of these to have on Halloween. They’d be a great centerpiece for a Halloween buffet too.

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Vegetarian & Vegan Food Guide – London


We’ve been promising the girls a London holiday for the past year. We’d planned to go this autumn, but with bubba on the way decided to put it on hold for a little longer. It’s now pencilled in to our diaries for next year, figuring London with a baby who can go in a sling will be easier than with a toddler who just wants to run around everywhere – especially as the girls have a list a mile long of sights to see and musuems to visit.

Apart from going to Blogtacular in May and passing through London on my way to kent, I haven’t been for years. I used to go quite a lot when I was a teenager, and always loved the hustle and bustle and vibrancy of the city. I remember stumbling on some fabulous places to eat that served some amazing dishes. Being veggie, eating out can be a little trickier {though it’s improved greatly in the past twenty years!} G hates taking me out to eat, as inevitablly I struggle to find a veggie dish I like/want and when I do it seems to be the one thing that has run out ha!

Wild Food Cafe, Covent Garden, London

While walking around and stumbling on a hidden gem is all well and good when you’re single, if you have kiddos with you, then it’s a different matter. You need to know where you’re going to eat before the kiddos start telling you they’re hungry! House Trip have just published a Food Guide to three major cities {London, Paris and Berlin}. Having had a browse through, I now have all my food stops planned ready for our trip! I really want to try out the Wild Food Cafe in Neals Yard – the Living Bruschetta sounds amazing.

It’s great having a guide like this to help you find great places to eat, and now I’m even more excited to visit London next year!

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Third Trimester Essentials


Hard to believe that I’m in the third trimester – only nine weeks to go! Time to share my third trimester essentials – these are the things that I really really couldn’t cope without in these last few weeks. You can see my first trimester essentials and second trimester essentials too. I’m venturing into the world of vlogging today…

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Maternity Pillow
Miracle Oil