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Small pockets of time

Breathe. Sometimes I need to remind myself to stop for a minute and just breathe. Days can get overwhelming, and as we rush from one task to the next, we...

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Listening to my body

All week long I’ve had a migraine. Not a really bad one, thankfully, just a little one niggling in the background. Finally today, I think {HOPE} that it has finally...

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Showing up for me

Life has a way of running away with us, so much happens on autopilot, our days can become groundhog day like. We get up, eat, work, eat, sleep, repeat. My...

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Monday Musings

I’m feeling happy and content this morning. Even as I sit here, trying to write and the boys are running around and shouting. I’m a little sleepy, I’ve an hour...

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Seeking connection

It’s a quiet Friday morning, I’m not home alone but silence surrounds me. With the boys out of the house so I can work, the house is so much quieter...

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