Listening to my body

All week long I’ve had a migraine. Not a really bad one, thankfully, just a little one niggling in the background. Finally today, I think {HOPE} that it has finally gone. At first I was really annoyed, and then I realised it was a sign from my body that I wasn’t loving it enough.

I was barely drinking any water, lots of {decaf} tea but barely any pure water. Eating too much sugar. Not getting enough sleep. Not moving my body enough. Letting stress consume me.

All that neglect added up, and this was my body screaming STOP at me.

So I listened.

I slowed down.

I’ve been to bed as early as I could all week – around 10pm my lights were out, which is probably a good two hours earlier than usual.

I’ve drunk glasses of pure water, infused with my gratitude every day.

I’ve been on my yoga mat every day, been out with the boys for walks in the park.

Put down the to-do list and stopped trying to be superwoman and do everything all at once.

It’s easy to get caught up in the hectic pace of life. To rush around and forget what is really important. To feel like we have to do a million things to ‘keep up’ with everyone else.

Really though, those things don’t matter. There are always things that have to be done. I can’t not work {hello bills!} but I can choose to be grateful for my work. To make time for it – and then put it away when I am done. To try and work and be Mum and do housework and a million other things in the same morning.

To leave the housework and play with the kids.

To listen to what we need, to follow the ebbs and flows rather than trying to live life at a constant 100 miles an hour pace.

Our bodies are amazing, and they deserve our love and respect. Taking time to listen to what your body is telling you allows you to reconnect with yourself. To honor where you are at and what you need. Without these bodies we are nothing.

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