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Looking for a pause

Are you looking for a pause? I’m sat drinking a cup of tea, I’ve just done half an hour of yoga and am taking five minutes to decompress after a busy day. A driving lesson followed by 5 hours of non-stop work, on my one full ‘work day’. Trying to get as much done as...

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Mum Guilt – let’s talk about it

I was sat with friends the other day, chatting about this and that and everything in between. We ended up talking about taking time out/off/for ourselves, and how everyone has this huge mum guilt when they do somethign that is solely for them. It got me thinking about how Mum guilt and how it shaped...

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letting go


Letting go

For as long as I can remember, I have lived with depression. I have spent years hating myself and wishing I was dead. I have lived in a constant state of depression and hopelessness. I have been full of self-doubt, and negative talk. I am my own worst enemy, constantly putting myself down, not taking...

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5 ways to turn around a ‘down day’

We all have ‘those days’ – days when nothing goes right, when you are overwhelmed and overwrought, when you wake up with a serious case of the ‘mehs’. For years I’d let them control me, I’d see them as a sign that my depression/anxiety were ramping back up, I’d give in to those feelings and...

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Why it’s OK to be selfish

Selfishness isn’t generally considered to be a positive character trait. When we think of selfish people, we think of those who do as they please all the time, and don’t think about others needs at all. As a Mama, for years I thought I had to be totally unselfish – that my needs should come...

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Essential Tips for Self-Care

Nowadays, the quest for living a healthy lifestyle now includes taking better care of your mental health. There is currently a mental health epidemic happening across the globe, which highlights the ever-increasing importance to do what you can to feel your best self. There will be times when this is a struggle, but even the...

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