Month: October 2022

A lesson in letting go

After last week’s do-nothing day, I’d expected to get back to our usual hectic pace of life. We had a full calendar ahead and I was excited about days out,...

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Simplifying and slowing down

Last week’s ‘Do Nothing Day‘ showed me that I’ve been taking on too much, expecting too much of myself, forgetting what is really important and been neglecting self care. Having...

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A ‘Do Nothing Day’

How often do you allow yourself to do nothing? When you’re ill? Or just worn out? Or do you push yourself to keep going? I’ve always been terrible at doing...

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Family fun with online games

A long time ago, pre-children I worked for a while as a Personal Assistant. Most days, I’d stay at my desk whilst on my lunch break and I’d eat and...

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focused diverse colleagues analyzing project together in office

Refurbish your office

Is it time to spruce up your office? It’s not just about how it looks – but also how it feels and how efficient it is. Whatever your reasons for...

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Mindful Monday

Fear. I never realised just how much of a control it had on my life until it completely took over. When my anxiety was sky high and life was just...

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