Simplifying and slowing down

Last week’s ‘Do Nothing Day‘ showed me that I’ve been taking on too much, expecting too much of myself, forgetting what is really important and been neglecting self care.

Having the head space to really look at things and figure out what changes I need to make really helped. My mental health as been on a bit of a downward spiral all year long, and it’s time that I made some changes to take better care of myself.

Here are ten things that I’m putting in place to help me simplify and slow down;

  1. Thought Download – my mind is full of so many things that I’m trying to remember, orgnaise, manage – from work to kids, house to car, family and home ed. Keeping a notebook where I can just write down all of my thoughts {seperate to a journal} really helps. getting everything on paper means I don’t have to try to remember everything all the time.
  2. Power Hour – when I’ve got stuff to do, work or housework espeiclly, I’ve started putting in a power hour and just doing as much as I can in that time. No phones in that time, I just get on with my to-do lists with no procrastinating! Knowing there is a time limit gives me impetus to power on.
  3. Spend more time outdoors – I’ve noticed in the last few weeks our outdoor time has drastically gone down after a summer practically living outside. So I’m trying to add in more where I can – getting out for a walk first thing gets the day off to a good start, playing in the garden after lunch, walking places rather than driving when I can.
  4. Have more ‘do nothing daysA ‘Do Nothing Day’
  5. Create a good morning routine – tea, journal, walk or yoga, wash, dress.. getting each day started peacefully and joyfully.
  6. Single Task – so often, I try to do several things at once, the end result is usually me being stressed and nothing getting done very well. Doing one thing at a time means I am less stressed and everything gets done to a higher standard.
  7. Put the phone away – I’ve started leaving my phone on the kitchen side in the day, it’s there if I need it or someone calls, but out of sight enough to be less of a distraction.
  8. Choose an mantra for the week to help me focus
  9. Self-soothing – I’ve gotten out of the habit of doing the things that make me feel calmer, there are many litle things that help to ease my anxiety or lift my mood htat I can do, quickly wherever I am, whenever I need.
  10. Plan a trip. I get so caught up in the busyness of everyday, that I forget how much I need adventure, need to escape the mundane and everyday. Even just a day trip is enough to give me something fun to look forward amidst the groundhog day-ness of everyday life!

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