Refurbish your office

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Is it time to spruce up your office?

It’s not just about how it looks – but also how it feels and how efficient it is. Whatever your reasons for a refurb, it’s good to spend some time thinking about what isn’t working before you start changing things.

If an office refurbishment is on the cards, then here are a few things to think about ahead of time;


The first place to start is why – why do you want a refurb? What is wrong with your current space and what would a newly refurbished office bring to the organisation? Is the decor dated, the office a little dilapidated, is the layout not working efficiently?


Budget is obviously a very important part of any Office Planning. Rather than starting your refurbishments without thinking about the end cost, it’s a good idea to have a set amount you want/are able to spend in mind. That way you won’t get halfway through and run out of funds.

Working Style

The workspace should help your business run smoothly. Think about the way you work – is it dictated by the office layout? If you could change things, would you operate differently? Maybe you’d like more of an open-plan office, or flexible working spaces?


The environment of your office is worth taking into account in your planning – is it too dark? Too noisy? Looking at the limitations of the space means you can address them in your design – improving lighting, adding acoustic solutions to address noise issues, and moving things around to make the most of the space.

How it feels

Another important factor is the feel of the space. How do you want your staff to feel? Do you want a more formal ‘traditional’ office or something a little more informal? The layout can really affect how it feels, and in turn how your staff feels. It could be good to include your staff in these decisions. Adding in plants and artwork can really impact the feel of an office space, making it feel more welcoming.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to office planning – just what works best for you and your business.

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