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2024 Intentions and my word of the year

A month into the new year, and with the celebrations of Imbolc, I can feel myself coming alive again. The lengthening days and the early signs of spring are wakening me from my winter hibernation. I can feel the stirrings of hope building at a new year ahead, all the adventures and fun I can...

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Welcoming in 2022 and my guiding word

Happy New Year! I’m feeling so grateful to be welcoming in another New Year. Over the chaos of our Yule time celebrations, I managed to carve out a little time for myself to say goodbye to 2021, and to set some intentions for the coming year. Last year, personally, was a good one. There were...

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grow - gudiing word for 2020


A guiding word for 2020

Apart from last year, I’ve been choosing a guiding word each New Year for the last decade. It helps me to focus on the year ahead as a whole, it is more flexible than resolutions/goals and is all-encompassing. 2018’s word was S U R R E N D E R and it was perfectly apt....

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