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This moment is my best resource


This is around the ninth year in a row that I’ve chosen a guiding word. It’s a ritual that I love every single year. Finding a mantra that will offer me some guidance for the coming year, that will guide me as I enter a fresh new year. Last year’s word was ‘SURRENDER’, the year before that was’ BEGIN’. Both words ended up being perfectly fitting for their respective years.

It has taken me a long time for this year’s word to come. Words kept floating by, but nothing quite felt right, and nothing stuck. Slowly, as I began to think about 2019, what it would bring and how I would like it to shape up, this one word kept popping back into my mind.




I see 2019 as being a year of growth, of planting the seeds and watering them, and seeing them pay off next year. It’s a year of taking small steps that lead me to a new place. There are a lot of small projects, dreams, plans and activities that I need to nurture this year. Giving them all the time and attention that they need so by this time next year I am ready to really move on with my goals in life.

With a baby on the way nurturing is even more fitting. I’ll have a{nother} being dependant on me, in need of nurturing, as well as myself as a new mama again who needs to be nurtured herself.

I’m excited to see this year play out, and my plans come to fruition.

Do you choose a word for the year? Please share if you do – and if you havenโ€™t picked a word yet, or maybe youโ€™ve never chosen a guiding word before, I thought I’d share the download I made last year to help you again. First, list any inspiring words that pop into your mind {there is no right or wrong words here}, then list goals for the year โ€“ I like to break mine down into life areas such as health, wellbeing, career, family, etc.

Then go back through your list of inspiring words, with your goals in mind and see which word jumps out at you! Click on the image to download the PDF.

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