The Happy List #13

A week into February, and I’m hanging on for those 7am sunrises in a few weeks. I’m really struggling with the dark and the cold. I feel as though I’m walking around in a daze. I’m not sure if it’s hormonal, or the time of year, or my mental health, but the brain fog, the sheer exhaustion, the lack of joy, the struggle.

I could use a week on a beach somewhere warm, or even just a week hidden under my duvet would do.

I’m trying to hold on for spring, hoping the warmer days and sunlight will make me feel better. The last few weeks were lighter, so returning to this fog is hard.

Reminding myself to just be where I am right now, to meet me where I am, and to be kind to myself. To look for the good all around me.

My happy list this week

* An Imbolc gathering with friends at the weekend

* Lola coming home from Uni for a couple of nights

* Car karaoke with the kids

* Evenings spent playing card games in the kitchen

What’s on your happy list this week?

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