Month: September 2020

Rest and recouperation

**It’s kind of ironic that I wrote this post last weekend, planning to publish it on Monday, to only end up REALLY ill with Mastitis. I thankfully just avoided the...

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woman carrying her baby and working on a laptop

Finding Balance

I’m sure there have been a million articles written about how to find balance, yet it still seems to be one thing that everyone is searching for like the holly...

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Overcoming anything

All of us get stuck in a rut at some point or another in life. It might be a small rut or a giant valley that feels like we will...

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On doing it all

The other day, I posted a photo on my Instagram. Alongside it, I talked about filling my own cup, in taking time to myself, and doing things that make me...

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If you want something different

Lately, life is changing. Little by little. Small bits every day. I am changing. I’ve never been fond of change. Looking back, anxiety ruled my life long beoe I even...

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No more searching

For most of my life, I tried to shrink myself to try and fit into other people’s boxes. I have sacrifeiced everything about me to make others happy. As a...

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