New chapters – coming out the other side of home ed

I woke up early this morning, bleary-eyed and sleepy-headed, stumbled out of bed, and pulled some clothes on. Snuck quietly out of my bedroom, careful not to wake the baby.

Padded up the stairs to make sure my fourteen year old was up and on. Today was her first day of college. After fourteen years of being home educated, she’s off for a brand new adventure.

Oren and I walked her down to the bus stop and waved her off. It felt odd putting her on a bus and sending her off, a huge monumental step, taking her away from being a little kid and onto this next stepping stone of her life.

It’s amazing to start seeing the other side of home ed – kiddos discovering themselves, and stepping out onto their own paths.

I have two at college now, and it’s fantastic to see that those years of home ed have paid off. From fantastic GCSE results, to kids who know what they want and are eager and keen to set off on their own paths.

Fourteen eyars ago, I made a decision to keep my kids home. To opt out of school and to walk a path that isn’t so common {though it’s increasingly more common now than it was then}. It’s been an amazing fourteen years, ones I am so grateful to have had with my kiddos instead of packing them off to school day in and day out.

With three still at home, our home ed journey is far from over, but for the two eldest it has set them off to follow their dreans.

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