A delightful Zine for Kids

I’ve known the amazing Dotty Delightful for many years, and have long been a fan of her beautiful artwork and the positivity she spreads online.

I’ve several of the zines that she has made – Circle of Witches and her Seasonal Zines. I love them so much – they remind me of my teens and the riot grrl zines I’d create and swap with ones friends had made.

She very kindly sent me and my boys a copy of her Autumn Zine for kids last week, and they were very excited when it arrived in a beautifully decorated envelope.

The zine itself is 20 pages of wonder. Perfect for any nature-loving kiddos {or grown-ups!}. It has been drawn and collaged and is full of puzzles, things to make, stories, and educational snippets.

Oren loved the maze and the space to draw his own monster, Beastie loved the word search! It is so beautiful and fun – yet there are lots of opportunities for learning inside too.

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