A Little Love List

This week’s felt hard. I’ve felt overwhelmed, and lonely, and a little lost. It’s strange feeling how I do at the minute – life is good, and I’m not unhappy with my life. Some days though I am really struggling to find my why. To keep battling on when it all seems to be hard. 

Forever learning to give myself grace, and to just let myself be when I feel like this. Feelings are just feelings – they are not right or wrong, it’s OK to feel them and not try and chase them away.

When I’m feeling low, the best thing for me is to be outdoors doing something physical. On Tuesday, when I felt at the lowest I’ve felt in a long time, I built the chickens a new run. A day in the garden with a purpose really helped how I felt.

I think that I need to find a physical job that is outdoors, it definitely works wonders for my mental health! Any suggestions are gratefully received 🙏🏻

As the days shorten, I’m feeling the call to be inside more, to cosy up in our house, fairy lights on, candles burning, incense scenting the rooms. A big pile of blankets sit by the sofas, and I’m looking forward to lots of craft time now we’re home more.

Here are a few things I’m loving right now

Planning on knitting this when I’ve finished my current crochet project!

Sounds like the perfect Autumn food 

I need more colour in my house!

Want some dreads in my hair again!

Want to make these wind chimes with the boys 

Going to make this for dinner one day when my Mama comes

This pinafore needs to be made! It’s a while since I’ve made myself any clothes, but I’d love to start again!

Would love to know what you are loving right now?

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