Klar Flouride Water Filter Review

I’ve been trying out the Klar Flouride Water Filter for the last few weeks, I’ve generally used a water filter to remove the heavy metals from my water and was intrigued by this one as it adds minerals back in.

After filling the jug up and discarding the first two filters. This is because some of the activated charcoal breaks up in transport so you can end up with little pieces in the water. I used the waste to water my plants! I was impressed at how fast the water filters through. Some filters take a long time, and when you have a large family and need to refill it frequently this can be inconvenient.

Straight away I could tell that the water smelt less chemically than straight out of our tap, and the taste was fantastic.

It removes 99% of PFOAS, around 90% of Flouride and up to 99% of Pharmaceuticals {You can see more about what it removes and how it works here}

As I said, I was really impressed that it adds minerals back into the water. The minerals that are reintroduced are Zinc, Selenium, trace potassium and magnesium. This is done with mineral balls. They also use zeolite minerals to absorb some harmful elements as well as introduce antioxidants.

The Klar Water Filter Pitcher works in the same way as most of its counterparts in the market. You place a water filter inside of the jug and you are ready to go. You pour water through a flap at the top and a minute or two later it will filter all the water and be ready to consume. The filter lasts for 60 days from when it is placed inside the jug. On top of the handle of the jug, it indicates how many days you have left. – a feature I love as it makes it easy to know when you need to change it and you’re not relying on your memory!

flouride water filter

The 3.5l Flouride Water Filter Pitcher is priced at £44.99 with a replacement cartridge costing £10.99. Considering you only need to change the filter every 60 days I think that is great value for money.

Overall, I was very impressed with the Klar Water Pitcher – I actually bought one for my daughter to take to University as well.

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