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weeds superfoods

Why weeds are wonderful

When you think of superfoods you probably don’t think of weeds. But there are many found-at-a-roadside plants common to the UK that can provide a whole host of health benefits....

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road between pine trees

We can do hard things

I spent much of my teens and early adult life believing I couldn’t do hard things. My confidence was non-existant and my self-worth at zero. I actively avoided hard things....

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photo of woman sitting on rock

Unconditional Self-Worth

There was a long period of my life when how I felt about myself was tied up with my behavior in the moment. Worked out today? YAY – you’re worthy...

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Mind the little moments

We’re back in lockdown here in Wales. A two-week so-called ‘circuit breaker’. Wherever you stand on what is going on in the world right now, we’re all in this together....

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A ritual for letting go

Letting go can be beautiful and freeing. Autumn reminds us of this every time we look around us. The Earth can teach us so much of the power of release...

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silhouette of mountain under the moon covered with clouds

A New Moon Ritual

New Moons are a time of new beginnings, a time of introspection, and fresh starts. It gives us a chance to delve inwards, to check in with ourselves, and let...

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