New Moon Introspection

My cycle links to the New Moon. I find myself turning inwards at this time, feeling the need to hibernate for a few days. I feel old anxieties and worries come up, so it’s a time for me to sit quietly and sort through them. To give myself this time of healing and renewal.

The new moon is like winter, a time to draw energy internally, to rest, to reconnect with yourself before you emerge back into the world. I find myself not wanting to socialise, not wanting to be too busy – I’ve learned that it is a time to plan a couple of home days when I have time to take care of myself, but most importantly time to sit and listen to my intuition.

On the run up to this past weekend, I could feel those old anxieties rising up, stronger than normal. I was tired and stressed out, hormones all over and very emotional. The New Moon energy was strong, I honoured what I needed and stopped everything. Switched off and sat in stillness. The tears came, flowing fast. Then relief as I listened to what my soul was trying to tell me.

The past couple of months I have been growing more and more stressed, trying to be everything and do everything, getting so caught up in what I thought was the right thing that I stopped listening to the signs my body and my soul were trying to give me.

Finally, finally, this weekend I listened. I have learned over the past few years that listening to my heart is the most important thing. Life is too short to fill it full of things that don’t bring you joy. I want to create and live a life that I love, that fills me up not one that drains me.

So it’s time to make some changes. To listen to myself. To honour my path. To let go of the worry and the need to control. To surrender to the universe and its plans. To be true to myself.

Journaling is the best way to reconnect with yourself and to hear what it is your intuition is trying to tell you. These prompts are perfect for the New Moon {or the New Moon of your cycle, when you are bleeding}

  • What do I need let go of right now?
  • What new intentions do I want to sow?
  • What direction is life pulling me in right now?
  • What is calling to my heart?
  • How can I give myself more compassion and grace?
  • What does my inner Wise Woman want me to know?

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