Sick Days

A two-day migraine. Pain even my meds didn’t touch. Unable to keep any food down.

My second migraine this year. Up until last summer, migraines had been happening more and more frequently. They would lay me up for a day or two each time, not ideal when you’re self employed and a single Mama. I stopped drinking last summer, even though I didn’t drink a lot, even a tiny bit of alcohol seemed to trigger a migraine. Then, I hadn’t had one up until just after Christmas this year, when I had a few drinks over the festive period {and by few I mean 3 the whole season).

Last week I was tired, wired, stressed. I could feel it all building up. My hormones as I enter peri-menopause seem to be all over the place, and sometimes I just feel so low. I’m not depressed, as most of the time I feel good, I am full of hope, I have lots of plans for this year, I’m becoming more me than ever before.

I felt so on edge last week, I couldn’t really sleep. It’s the mid-way point of my cycle and for me, that now comes with pains, bloating and hormone crazyness. Lack of sleep, not doing a very good job of nourishing myself well, and pushing myself to do all the things. Sometimes I forget that I am one woman. Trying to home-educate, and work, and run a house, and fulfill my creative needs, as well as have something of a life for myself.

I wouldn’t wish migraines on anybody, they are such hell to experience. I feel as though they are a sign that I need to be a little kinder on myself sometimes, to not expect so much of myself. To be my own best friend. Nourish my body, get on my yoga mat every day, get myself to bed at a sensible time.

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