5 Fun Family Festivals for 2024

I’ve been taking the kids to festivals since the girls were little. Camp Bestival and Just So were two of our favourites when the girls were little – they have such amazing memories of weekends spent in a field with friends, old and new.

There are so many great festivals for families on offer – from larger-scale ones to small gatherings. My kids love the fun and excitement of a festival, the freedom and new experiences.

Most festivals now have something for everyone, with fun for the kids and plenty of music to entertain the grown-ups. We mostly tend to do festivals with our group of friends, so the kids always have a band of mates to hang out with. Though we’re hoping to add in a different festival this year to shake things up!

Here are some of the best family festivals in 2024 – some we’ve been to, some we’re doing this year, and some that we’d love to go to!


We went to our first Camp Bestival 11 years ago {!!} and went every year for a good few years. There are now two sites {Dorest and Shropshire} so twice the fun! This was one of the best festivals we’ve ever attended – everyone had a blast, from babes in arms to the teens and the grown-ups. I find a lot of festivals cater to little kids, but not so much the teens – Camp Bestival had them covered! With some great bands in the line-up {The Magic Numbers is my number 1!} and some equally great activities – it is bound to be a fabulous weekend!


Ah – the Just So!! We have so many amazing memories, of weekends with our friends, dressed up and having the time of our lives! Even the year I took Oren as a 6-week-old, with thunderstorms and endless fields of mud! A totally magical weekend, that grown-ups and kids alike will love. We loved the Tribal Tournament {now the Carnival of Animals} to see which tribe had won each year.


Not a festival I’ve been to, but one that is definitely on our must-attend list. Shambala is set in the heart of the heart of the English countryside. Right at the end of August – it’s the perfect way to finish off your summer! With some amazing music, lots of fun activities and a family-friendly attitude, this is a great one to go to.


We go to Fire in the Mountain every year, but they also run a fabulous family camp on the same site in August. A relaxed week of family camping, a light programme of activities which includes Forest School sessions in the morning, a few evening dances and a bar full of local delights. Perfect if a busy festival isn’t your cup of tea, but you want to meet like-minded folk.


Probably the weekend we most look forward to all year long. Set on our favourite, magical field in North Wales, this small scale gathering of fantastic people is a weekend we countdown from one year to the next. An ultra chilled family friendly event to connect with likeminded souls and explore the inner and outer spaces of our human existence and beyond.

Would love to know your favourite family festival!

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