Creating space

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Life is so full and busy, that often there is no room to think – no breathing space. I’ve been feeling the overwhelm lately. Trying to keep all the many plates spinning – parenting, house, work, money, home ed, etc etc

Feeling increasingly stressed, I realised I needed to create some space. To put down some plates and go a little easier on myself.

With summer here, I decided to slow everything right down, to put asides any worries I cannot deal with straight away and just focus on what I can. To take a little break from social media, to let my standards slide just a little, and to allow myself to have fun.

I’m giving myself the gift of space – ultimately, we get to choose how we fill our hours, and we can just let go of what isn’t serving us. Making room means that I can breath a little easier – I can find the space to think and to dream and to plan. To remember what it is I want and how I want my life to look, what is important to me and what isn’t.

It’s easy to get swept along in the hustle and bustle, and lose sight of what matters most. So I’m making myself a priority – letting myself nurse my mental health and get myself back on track.

I’ve cleared off the dust in my studio and dug out my paints – finishing off old projects and creating new. I’m happiest when I’m covered in paint, with some tunes blasting and the sun shining down on me.

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