Weekly musings

I’ve sat staring at an empty page for a long time. No words coming to me. My mind has been shrouded in fog the last few days, motivation has been lacking and my mood is low. The ups and down seem more pronounced right now.

Trying to be kind to myself and to not put pressure on myself to do what I cannot do. The older I get the more I am in tune with how my mind works. The rollercoaster – times when I feel great and can take on the world, and then times when I am wading through mud, feel lethargic and need to hide away.

It can be frustrating being at the mercy of my mind, of wanting to push forwards but being held back. Of never feeling like I am making any progress.

TImes like these, I’ve learned to switch off my mind. To try and ignore the persisntatn niggles telling me how badly I am doing.

I’ve been in the garden, potting up seedlings, planting out herb plants, breathing in the fresh air and soaking up some Vitamin D. Avoiding social media, and just trying to keep pulling myself back to the present moment.

We’ve a quieter week planned than last week, or next. I’m hoping the weather stays nice for I feel like a day in the countryside tomorrow – some time in nature to clear away the cobwebs would be good.

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