Dear Bean – Week Twenty

HALFWAY BABY! Having known I was pregnant since I was four weeks gone, I already feel like I have been pregnant forever! Still, we’re finally at the halfway marker, and now we’ll be really counting down to Bean’s arrival!

I’m still feeling good, I got to hear the heartbeat last week at the midwife’s, and we have a scan this week to find out what the gender is {fingers crossed}.

I guess I really need to start thinking about what I need, a few clothes and some cloth nappies are about all really! I’ve kind of been in denial that there will be an actual baby in the house again soon, and I still forget I’m pregnant sometimes. Beastie walked in on me in the bath the other day and told me my belly looked like an island sticking out of the bubbles ha!

So…. what are your guesses?? Boy or Girl?

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