Three Good Things

Good morning! We had such a lovely weekend, that I didn’t mind {too much} when my alarm woke me up this morning! The sun is shining this morning, and we’ve been busy working all morning. I love weekends that feel like a perfect balance of relaxing and getting things done. Saturdays are always pretty busy here, there are always at least a couple of kiddos with groups, though this Saturday all four had something on!

I’ve been busy painting – all the woodwork in my house is in need of a repaint, so I’m slowly working my way around it! Now I’ve started, the bits I haven’t done look even worse than before. We’ve been in the house for almost four years, so it’s definitely time for a little refresh I think.

Here are my #threegoodthings

* slow mornings ~ Sunday’s are the only day that I don’t have to jump out of bed fairly early. Annoyingly I still woke at half past six, but made myself a cuppa then climbed back in bed with a sleeping Beastie and read for an hour. Absolute bliss.

* being in the garden ~ It might have been a little windy yesterday, but I’ve been itching to get in the garden for weeks. So I managed a couple of hours out there, tidying up, moving things around, trying to sort out the mess that was made on it last year. Beastie and I planted some new fruit trees. It still has a lot that needs doing, but I feel better for having made a start.

* roast dinners ~ simple pleasures, but yesterday’s roast was SO good. We made leek and mushroom tarts, roast potatoes, roasted carrot, parsnip and sprouts in tarragon, homemade yorkshire puddings and gravy. Yum!

What are your #threegoodthings – I’d love to hear them!

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