25 Rainy Day Activities

25 Rainy Day Activities

25 Rainy Day Activities pin

Living in Wales we’re used to lots of rainy days. While sometimes we don’t have a choice but to go out and about, and some days we don’t mind going out in the rain, there are plenty of days when we want to stay home and keep dry. If you have got toddlers or pre-schoolers to entertain, they can be long days when you’re trying to keep them occupied all day – without having to spend much money.

It’s a great idea to have a list of rainy day indoor activities for kids that you can fall back on when you’ve all out of ideas and your kids are telling you they’re bored! Here is my top 25 rainy day activities to get you started.

Bake some cookies

Build a fort in the living room

Make some playdough

Make some models out of old cardboard boxes

Create your own sun catchers

Make a fairy garden

Pop some corn and watch a movie

Wrap up warm and go and jump in the puddles!

Make a necklace with fabric scraps and beads

Turn the lights off and have a disco bath {throw in some glow sticks and watch your child go wild!}

Make some tube dolls from old toilet roll tubes

Listen to an audio book and do some colouring in {there are some great colouring pages for adults too!}

Make a no-sew fairy tutu {and a matching one for teddy}

Make gloop. My kids will spend HOURS playing with gloop – just mix two parts cornflour to one part water {it can get messy so is probably a kitchen activity!}

Make your own paper

Make a time capsule

Have an indoor treasure hunt {hide some clues and a prize for your child to find}

Throw a tea party for your child and all of their teddies

Make a collage with items from your pantry {pasta, lentils, nuts, seeds…}

Make some scary faces with Jelly

Dig out a board game you haven’t played for a long time

Make some puppets out of odd socks or old gloves

Fill the sink full of water, send your child to collect items from around the house and experiment to see what floats and what sinks

Indoor picnic – when it’s too wet to eat outdoors, bring the picnic in – put a rug on the living room floor and lay out all your favourite picnic foods!

Make cress heads – use up those old egg shells by filling them with damp cotton wool, drawing on a face and sprinkling on some cress {or grass} seeds to grow into hair!

What are your fail-proof rainy day activities to keep your little ones entertained?

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