Top Ways To Make Your Child’s Bedroom Look Outstanding!

As your child grows up, they start to have more of an identity and want their room to be more to their style. It can be an expensive time when changing everything, but Summer is the best time to do it. They will be having more people over, as well as spending more time in there! Here’s some top ways to make the bedroom look beautiful for your little one.

 Top Ways To Make Your Child's Bedroom Look Outstanding!

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Repaint/wallpaper the room

The best way to start when changing your kid’s bedroom is to repaint or wallpaper the room. Talk to them about what their favourite colour is now; they will likely choose something very bright. Bold colours are great in a child’s bedroom to make it stand out. Don’t let them get too carried away though as they may change their favourite colour in a couple of years! You can get some ideas here on fab new colours. You could wallpaper the room to make it look even more unique. Go to the shops, or look online for ideas of what they will like. Again, try and choose something that could last them for a few years as it’s not cheap. Some people are also choosing wall stickers. It can be a quote from a film, or a song, or even an image of a fun character. These work best on a plain wall.


Add some bean bags or a sofa

Your child will want to go up to their room to hang out with their friends, especially during the school holidays. Rather than having them all sit on the floor or the bed, you could consider getting a couple of bean bags for them to relax on. Or you could even add a sofa to their room for them to all sit on. Try and match it with the wall to look great. If it doubles up as a sofa bed, this will be even better for when they have a sleepover.

Buy some curtains or blinds

If you want the bedroom to look fab, you should consider getting new curtains. Try and get them to match with the bed cover’s colour if you want all the soft furnishings in the room to match. Talk to your child about whether they would prefer blinds in their room. Make sure you measure before going to have a look. You can buy curtains in packs, or if you prefer, you could go for a made to measure set.

Buy a new bed cover

If your child is into a particular character or movie at the moment, you can always buy a bed cover which reflects this. They will love having their favourite characters in their room to show off to their friends. As we said above, you can also get matching curtains in the same design to make the room look fab.

Try and make sure they keep their bedroom tidy as this can help to make it look amazing. Store all their belongings in safe places and the room will look great.


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