Happy First Birthday Oren Sage Malachi

And just like that…. Oren is one! I swear this has been the fastest year of my life!

ONE – we’re all still trying to get our head around how our tiny baby is a whole year old already. We’ve had so much fun, and made so many memories.

He’s been walking for a couple of months already, is fully into the running and climbing phase, chasing the cats and dog, telling them off if they do something they shouldn’t.

He loves going down the slide, and bouncing on the trampoline. He got a swing and a little bike for his birthday so he’s the happiest boy ever.

We celebrated with a tiny tea party, with a friend and her two girls, thankfully the sun shone so we could play in the garden happily, ate some tasty food and a delicious cake and just enjoyed the day.

He’s getting to be the cheekist thing, pinching things off the big kids {like phones and bars of chocllate} and running away as fast as he can, laughing like crazy.

I’m sad and happy all at once that he’s growing up. I wish I could keep him tiny for longer, but babies don’t keep. The toddler he is growing into is just as amazing. Blonde curly hair and blue eyes, he is the cutest thing – good job really when he still wakes me up in the night.

Loving you is easy Mr Oren, you make our world a much happier place to be.

Here’s to another wonderful year with you.

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