Shake it off – a playlist to make you feel good

After an emotionally tough few days, the other night when the kiddos were having their dinner, we put on the ‘Greatest SHowman’ soundtrack LOUD and sang and danced along in the kitchen. It was amazing what a difference a good sing-a-long and dance made, I felt so good afterward. It reminded me just how powerful music is, and how much it can change your mood.

When I was in the middle of my marriage break-up, a friend sent me a link to a song called ‘Four Years of Chances‘ that really spoke to me – actually the whole album it is from did, and I listened to Midwest Farmers Daughter on repeat for weeks. That and a playlist a friend shared called ‘The Wronged Woman‘ got me through some tough times.

I have a zillion playlists made – from ones for when I’m working out, to chilled, Sunday morning vibes and everything in between.

On days when I’m feeling a little down, when I’m not feeling so great about myself and I wish I could hide under the duvet – I made this ‘Shake it Off’ playlist- songs to sing along to, to empower me, to make me feel good and remember that I am ENOUGH. A few good ones, a little bit of cheesy pop – all perfect for putting some sass back in your step and a smile on your face.

I thought I’d share it with you, in the hope it puts a spring in your step when you need it too ♥

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