Three Good Things

Good morning! I’m up bright and early this Monday morning, writing this before I get my workouts in – yoga and a cardio session on the cross trainer before the kiddos wake up. We have a few things to get done this morning before we go to our home ed group. I have really been enjoying adding yoga back into my daily fitness practice, it’s transformed how I feel mentally and how my day starts off. Most days I’ve been doing half an hour/forty minutes of yoga, then half an hour/forty minutes of either cardio or strength training and I am feeling SO good.

We have a pretty busy week ahead of us – but a very fun week, and lots of friend time too! So here are my #threegoodthings from the last fortnight {as I missed last weeks post ooops}

* Visits home ~ home these days is Wales, and it feels like home, I can’t imagine living anywhere else. But last weekend we went back to my Dad’s house for a few days, he still lives in the house I grew up in and lived in until I was 12. It’s lovely to go back and spend some time with him and his wife, and it’s great to be able to take the kiddos to places I went as a kid. This time we walked along the canal in the village I grew up in, somewhere I haven’t walked along for probably twenty years – yikes!

* Early morning peace – the kiddos and I got up on the Solstice at 4am to see the sunrise, and it was such a wonderful experience. We sat around the fire in our garden, bundled up in blankets to stave off the early morning chill, watching the sunrise, listening to the birds singing, and chatting about this and that. Simple moments like that really are my favourite ♥

* Self-acceptance ~ the old me would have seen the above photo and only noticed the spots and the dark circles under my eyes, she would not have shared it or used it as a profile photo on social media. But this me? I saw Fire in The Mountain share it on their facebook {it was taken by one of their photographers at the parade on the Saturday night} and saw me. Beautiful me. Happy me. Confident me. Saw the capture of a moment when I was having such a wonderful weekend, with my kiddos and friends, and loved such a lovely photo of myself./

What are you grateful for today?

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