Hot drinks to warm your soul


I love cold, crisp winter days. When you can see your breath in front of you, the earth is crunchy underfoot, the sun is shining brightly and your face feels slightly numb from the cold. Long walks on days like this are perfect for chasing the cobwebs away, burning off some excess energy and escaping the confines of the house for an hour or two. It does us all so much good to get out and about in winter, and unless it is pouring with rain, we try and get out every day. I need the fresh air and sunlight to stay {slightly} sane.

Once the cobwebs have been cleared, and our fingers are beginning to go numb, that’s when we head home, to curl up on the sofa, pop some tunes on the record player, grab a deck of cards and warm ourselves up from inside out with a delicious hot drink. That’s my idea of a perfect winters day!

Here are 7 of our favourite winter drinks to warm up with:

Spiced Hot Chocolate – Nothing beats a hot chocolate on a cold day, and this dairy-free spiced hot chocolate really does the trick!

Tumeric Milk – my new hot drink of choice, warm and comforting AND full of health benefits!

Spiced Hot Apple – this always reminds me of bonfire nights, but we enjoy this all winter long!

Pumpkin Spiced Latte – even though I’m strictly a decaf girl, not much beats a good coffee! I love my Pumpkin Spiced Latte, and this homemade version is way healthier than what you’ll buy in a coffee shop. If you’re a coffee lover, no need to look any further for the perfect coffee. Kimbo is one of the tastiest coffee’s you will taste

London Fog – Earl Grey Lattes?! Oh yes please!

Mint Tea Hot Toddy – this vegan-friendly drink is perfect for warming you up and keeping those winter bugs at bay.

Midnight Milk – this help-you-sleep drink is perfet for cold winter nights {or before an afternoon nap!} – Warm a mugful of dairy free milk, with 1tbsp rum/whisky, 1tsp agave syrup and a pinch of cinnamon.


What is your favourite hot drink in the winter?

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