This Homeschooling Life – a look back at November


Ah, November. I’ve been sat here trying to think of something to write for the past ten minutes. It’s been one of those months when I don’t feel like we’ve done anything. Though at the same time, the days have whizzed by and we’ve been super busy. Such is life I guess. The thing with homeschooling, or at least the way we homeschool, is there is not always a huge separation between ‘life’ and ‘school’, more often than not it all blends into one and the same.

So while I feel like we’ve done nothing, obviously that can’t be true. The middle two have still been working on there Life of Fred for maths, though it seems like we’re going to have to switch curriculums in the New Year. I’m not sure I’ll find something they love as much, but we’d been borrowing the books and I don’t think we’ll be able to anymore and they’re a little out of my budget right now. They also have been keeping up with Reading Eggspress, which they both enjoy and is great for a little extra reading practice and comprehension. Beastie loves playing on Reading Eggs too! Kiki and Baya have also been working through the list of reading books I gave them for the year, while they both love to read, I gave them a set list of books I’d like them to read – picking different genres to what they might naturally choose to push them a little.

Our Book Club book this month was Serafina’s Promise and set in Haiti. We really enjoyed the book, it was written in verse and was so descriptive we really built up an amazing visual image as we went along. We spent a little time this month finding out about Haiti and looking at the after-effects of the 2010 earthquake that features in the book.

Miss Lola is firmly out of school, and we’re currently back in the ‘deschooling’ process. Right now we’re focusing on her mental health, and building her back up before we even think about exams/GCSE’s etc. There is so much societal expectation on having reached certain milestones by certain points in our life, yet really not having GCSE’s by the time you’re 16 isn’t going to be the end of the world. A happy, healthy child is my main concern right now. It’s been a tough year for her and she needs time to readjust. She’s just completed NaNoRiMo and spends all day writing, writing, writing {a girl after my own heart}.

Asides from that, we took a long weekend away to spend with family, the kiddos have been busy as ever with various extra-curricular groups, there is endless gymnastics practices ahead of their Christmas Shows and we’re about to hit full on Christmas Madness here!


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