Happy Days – a spring playlist


We’re back into our ‘normal’ routines this week after a hectic Easter Holidays. While homeschooling doesn’t have to follow school holidays, and we don’t stick to their set dates, with one child at school, we find that breaking from most of our studies while she’s off suits us best these days. That said, we’ve kept up with some reading, and morning time activities, and a little maths over the past two weeks. our days have been filled with gym camps, days out and play dates, it feels like we’ve barely been at home the past fortnight!

This homebody is oh so ready to get back to my daily rhythms and spend some time at home with three of my favourite folks, back to work and ‘school’, crafting and reading, baking and enjoying the garden. Our den is the place we spend most of our time in throughout the daytime, I usually work on the sofa in the morning, while the kiddos have some free time – Beastie usually places by my feet, or he’ll have some painting or colouring on the go on the table, maybe one of the girls will sit in the garden with him if it’s dry and play in the sandpit with him, or bounce on the trampoline while he rides his ‘boy bike’. Often the girls bake, or create, or chat with friends on Facetime for this couple of hours in a morning while I’m working.

We’ll all gather together on the den sofa mid-morning with a plate of fruit and our current book club book. Afternoons will find us doing one-on-one maths, or working on our projects at the den table. We’ll spread out over the floor for an art afternoon, or empty the fabric box if we’re spending some time sewing.

No matter what we’re doing, one thing is guaranteed – they’ll be some music playing. I’ve always had a huge love for music, and I can’t imagine not having some music on all the time. My radio in the kitchen is always on, and I’ve just moved our Amazon Echo from the living room to the den now we spend so much time down there {I’ll probably purchase another for the living room soon, and one for upstairs as I love it so much!}. We have it connected to my Spotify account so we can listen to anything we like – how amazing is that?! I remember hours of creating my own mix tapes when I was a teenager, painstakingly stopping and starting to record specific songs, so I could listen to my favourite tunes one after another. Now I can just create a quick playlist on Spotify and play it so easily. Bonkers.

I made a new little playlist the other day, with a few of my current favourite songs, the ones that I could {and do} listen to on repeat. Ones that always make me smile and do a little happy dance when they come on! You can listen along with me HERE.

What are your current favourite songs? I’d love to find some new {to me} artists – so let me know what you’ve been listening to recently.


  1. Ruby Coupe

    April 25, 2017 at 10:43

    I too love music and remember recording the top 40 and getting so cross when the DJ spoke in a song! Haha the good old days
    I listen to Nahko and medicine for the people everyday, it’s good for my soul and Rob Greenfield has a lovely playlist on Spotify too, im also listening to Xavier Rudd, Kula Shaker, Trevor Hall and Sarah Blasko.

    Looking forward to listening to your list

    1. polly

      April 25, 2017 at 11:36

      Thanks lovely! I love Kula Shaker – they were one of the first gigs I went to! Will have a listen to that playlist now x

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