Unexpectedly Expectant: Smoking Cessation Advice for Pregnant Women



So you’ve discovered that you are pregnant. You weren’t trying, but it happened, and now you’re faced with a dilemma: how do I quit smoking for the sake of the baby?


Not only is smoking tobacco a dangerous habit for you, it can also have harmful effects on the baby as well: it can lead to lower birth weight and increases the risks of birth defects. But quitting cigarettes is hard, so what can you do to stop your habit quickly? There are a few things you can do.


Quit Cold Turkey


It’s understandable if just hearing the words “cold turkey” send shivers down your spine. If you’ve smoked for a while, then it’s probably become a central routine of your day and the thought of giving it up completely can cause anxiety in a lot of people.


This is, however, the absolute best thing you can do for you and your baby. Quitting at once immediately removes the harmful effects of tobacco from your home and your baby and gives it the best chance to be born healthy. But how do you go about quitting just like that?


You are going to have to have a lot of willpower, especially if you’ve been smoking for years. The trick is to tell yourself over and over why you’re quitting: for your baby. You will have cravings for a few days, so keep your mouth occupied by chewing gum and drinking a lot of water. After a few days, the nicotine will be out of your system, and then it’s just a matter of keeping yourself strong.


Nicotine Therapy


Of course, quitting cold turkey is easier said than done and you many people fail to do so every year. Of you just can’t bring yourself to quit cold turkey, you can try to wean yourself off of the habit.


If you think you have the willpower, you can step down the amount of cigarettes you smoke every day slowly until you don’t smoke anymore, but this can take a while and it puts your baby at risk. Alternatively, you could try nicotine patches or even give vaping a try, as both will give your body the nicotine it craves without the side effects of tobacco. Vaping will let you stay in the habit of smoking and you can try different flavors (like these wick liquor flavors) to keep you off of cigarettes. Yes, it is possible to get the fix while keeping both mom and baby safe.


Get Support


Quitting tobacco is tough on your own, so find a support group that will help you fight your cravings.


The support group can be friends or family or even a public group that meets once a week to give each other advice. Wherever your support comes from, make sure it’s positive and that they have your (and your baby’s) best interests at heart. Sometimes, a little living encouragement is all you need to take the final steps in quitting.


Think about these tips if you’re ready to quit smoking, for whatever reason.

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