50th Anniversary Premium Gifts


Whether it’s your own golden wedding coming up or the gold anniversary of your nearest and dearest, choosing a perfect gift is never easy. When a couple has been married for half a century, they have already received all of the most obvious presents, so it can be hard to find something that is surprising and memorable in equal measure. When it comes to selecting anniversary gifts for a 50th wedding, the key is to look for something that reflects the importance of the occasion while being meaningful to the recipients. While a box of chocolates or hastily chosen bouquet may fit the bill for a less significant event, something a little more impressive is definitely required to celebrate such a long lasting and happy relationship.

Going for Gold

The tradition of giving golden gifts to mark the 50th wedding anniversary dates back centuries. In Medieval Europe, it was common for a husband to present a gold wreath to his wife on the occasion of their 50th year of marriage, and this custom has been passed down through the ages. Today, only around 11% of couples are expected to reach this marital milestone, with divorce becoming increasingly likely, and therefore taking the time to celebrate this major event with family and friends is more important than ever. While there has been a recent trend towards non-conventional presents such as experience days or holidays, nothing captures the essence of a gold anniversary better than a classic gold gift.

Why is Gold the Right Choice for 50th Anniversary Gifts?

Gold is the material most commonly linked with the 50th wedding anniversary, no matter where in the world you may travel. The main reason for this, of course, is the valuable nature of this metal which reflects the precious nature of a love that has endured for half a century. Premium gifts that capture this theme show the love, appreciation, and respect shown by the giver to the recipient, and reveal the depth of their feelings for the special couple. Gold is also an especially beautiful, warm material that is incredibly strong and resistant to damage. What better choice, then, to represent a love that has endured the ups and downs, and weathered the countless storms of a 50 year-long marriage?

Thoughtful and Unique Gold Gifts

Even when you have settled on choosing a gold gift for your loved ones on the occasion of their 50th wedding anniversary, finding the ideal token can still be a challenge. It is important to select something that is not only luxurious but also something that the recipient will love and appreciate. If you are looking for 50th anniversary premium gifts that are sure to impress, one of the best choices is a gorgeous gold-dipped rose from Eternity Rose. A sophisticated, one of a kind artwork, this stunning token is made from a genuine rose blossom dipped in pure 24 karat gold. Alternatively, consider something incredibly personal that is sure to touch the recipients’ hearts – perhaps a gold-framed family tree, a gold-covered photograph album showcasing images from all 50 years of their marriage, a gold embroidered and personalised cushion, or a golden sundial, engraved with the couple’s names and anniversary date.

Golden Jewellery – a Classic Choice

When choosing a gold anniversary gift for the lady in your life, jewellery is, perhaps, the most classic choice, but is one that is sure to never go out of style. From a subtle gold necklace or chain to an elaborate pair of earrings, she is sure to appreciate a beautiful addition to her collection. Traditional yellow gold is the perfect premium gift for the 50th year of marriage with its subtle sheen and warm appearance making it timelessly elegant. For something a little more opulent, choose a piece that is decorated with diamonds or other precious gems, or that offers something a little out of the ordinary. A 24 karat gold pendant made from individual miniature glazed rose petals and encrusted with synthetic diamonds is a luxurious and unique way to express your love on this special day, while a personalised, engraved item is the ideal opportunity to express your own message of devotion.  For something a little more opulent, choose a piece that is decorated with diamonds or other precious gems, or that offers something a little out of the ordinary.


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