Top tips for keeping your family home tidy and organised


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It’s hard enough keeping your home tidy and organised when you live on your own but add a partner and a couple of children into the mix and it becomes virtually impossible!

An untidy and disorganised home can cause you unnecessary stress – it takes long enough to get the kids out of the house, just imagine having to search for your keys and wallet amongst the clutter, at the same time as trying to get them washed, fed and dressed!

So, to avoid this nightmare scenario – here are a few tips to keep your family home tidy and organised.

Create a rota

Create a rota of all the main jobs that need doing and assign them to relevant members of the family dependent on their age. You aren’t going to ask your five-year-old to clean the bathroom, but you might ask your 14-year-old to. Keeping on top of the chores will help with organisation and hopefully guarantee your home never descends into chaos. Plus, asking the family to help out will be a weight off your shoulders.

Give everything a home

If everything has a place that it belongs in and the whole family is aware of it then it should always be put here when it is finished with and therefore you should always be able to find it when you need it. This might include hooks for house and car keys, a rack for shoes, and so on.

Use labels

Labels are a great way of ensuring that everyone sticks to the above of giving everything a home. Label the shoe rack so the kids have a space each for their school shoes and trainers – which should also encourage them to always put them here. Label the hooks, so they have a space each for their coats. You could even label their toy boxes, so they don’t have to empty every single one each time they are looking for something.

Invest in storage

This could mean storage inside the home as well as outside of it. A storage unit is the perfect place to store all the things that you don’t need on a day-to-day basis and should stop your house from becoming cluttered. Choose one nearby and it will effectively be an extension of your home. Meanwhile storage solutions in the home – try out some of the ideas in this Buzzfeed article – can help with organisation.

Have a regular clear out

Set aside some time to have a proper sort out – when cleaning and tidying, we often pick up the things we don’t need then put them back again. Go through everything – throw out the rubbish, do a good deed and donate your unwanted items to charity, earn yourself a few pennies and pop what you don’t want on eBay. Finally, when you are left with the things you don’t really need, but don’t want to get rid of – these can be added to your storage unit.

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