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March was a really good month, homeschooling wise. We made a few changes to our daily rhythm/routines that work a lot better for all of us, and I finally felt like I was a little more organised with what we were going to do! I’m sure the coming of Spring has helped us all feel more enthusiastic about everything!

I’ve mentioned before that my girls are part of a home education book club, they’ve been going since September and really love it. We read the book together, me out loud to the kids, and honestly, I enjoy it as much as them. I’ve rediscovered a love of reading out loud, and it’s an integral part of our day. The past couple of months we’ve used the book to create a focus on for the month – gearing our projects and work around the theme of the book. March’s book was ‘My Side of the Mountain‘*, I found a mini unit study that we did, it gave us some maths, some creative writing, some logical thinking to do. We also made fish hooks from the instructions in the book, as well as some nature journaling of plants that were featured in the book. I’ve also tried to get the book club book read in the first half of the month, so we can fit in another book in the second half – last month we read Pippi Longstockings as well.

March saw the girls work on a Weather Unit as well. I put together a mini pack for them, so they’ve been tracking rainfall and temperatures every day, learning about different weather conditions, cloud formations, the water cycle. We made this great water cycle in a bag activity which they loved, as well as our own rain gauge. We found a few documentaries to watch throughout the month as well to back up what we’d been learning.

With better weather, the kids have been spending more and more time outside. They often drag all our gym equipment into the garden and spend whole mornings practicing their gym skills. It’s nice to finally be able to spend time outside after the winter, less screen time and more fresh air!

There has been the usual mixture of home ed groups, meet ups with friends, gymnastic classes, brownies, guides and art clubs. We’ve just had our morning meeting and set up our plans for homeschooling in April. What has home ed looked like for you lately?

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