Spring Outift Inspiration


dress // jeans // shoes // second hand Rolex // scarf // earrings

It’s been a good year {maybe a little more} since I had a big wardrobe declutter, and it’s gotten a little overcrowded in there again. I’m hoping to find a couple of hours this week to give it a good clear out, take out things that I don’t wear, pack away winter items and add in some spring/summery items. I have a whole shelf of jeans that are too big now, so I really need to do some shopping!

After a winter hiding in jeans and a warm jumper, I’m excited to bring out the summer dresses! I’ve been hiding under layers not just for warmth, but also as a layer of protection, and as I feel myself unfurling, it’s time to peel away all those layers and let the lightness in.

I’m thinking a wardrobe full of floaty, floral dresses, some leggings and cropped jeans for cooler days. A few comfy tee’s for lazy days, {I love these from The Bee and The Fox}, a few cardigans, and shawls to layer, some stretch vests and the trusty dungarees are staying for another season!

I’m looking for a new watch to jazz up my outfits, as well as some new earrings. I spent years not wearing any, and then before Christmas, I put studs back in all three sets I had pierced as well as having four new piercings in my ears! I’m loving those moon earrings I linked to up there.

Doesn’t it feel good to be packing away winter coats and boots and digging out sandals and sundresses {even if it is a little premature?!}


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