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I know it’s December, which seems to be the month that the diet gets thrown out of the window and we all eat and drink as much as we like, but Papa and I have been thinking about getting in shape and getting a little bit healthier. Well, being about to have a baby, I’ve been thinking and Papa has been doing.

The past couple of months we’ve taken more notice of what we’re eating, I’ve talked before about cutting down on how much dairy we consume. Papa has also cut down on how much he drinks, and since we got our new blender, we’ve been enjoying some delicious, healthy smoothies for breakfast most days.

Papa has also been a busy boy working out…. we have a cross trainer at home which he has been using most days, as well as doing lots of weights. I’m looking forward to a few weeks time, when I’m no longer pregnant and I can get back on with my exercise doxycycline regime. I actually miss it!

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G has been testing out this FitBit that we received from Legal & General for the past week or so. We were a little unsure how useful it would be at first, but it’s actually pretty helpful. You wear it 24 hours a day, and it monitors how many steps you have taken, the distance you’ve walked and calories burned each day. It can also monitor your sleep patterns – tracking how long you’ve slept for and the quality of your sleep. It syncs with an app on your phone or your computer so you can easily see each day’s figures.

It’s a great way to see how active you are being, you can set goals to motivate you and encourage you to be more active. I’m planning on testing the FitBit out once I have had this baby and am back working out {though I may not want to know how little sleep I’m getting!!}.

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  1. Dianne

    December 21, 2014 at 01:13

    Thats awesome you are taking steps to be healthy! Smoothies are my favorite.

    I have a polar heart rate monitor, but I’ve thought about getting a fitbit. Do you have to pay monthly for it? I heard of another thing like that where you have to pay each month, not sure if thats the one I am thinking of or not.

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