January Journal Prompts

close up photo of notebook with pen

January is the quietest month in the garden. But just becuase it looks quiet, doesn’t mean that nothing is happening.

Rosalie Muller Wright

Two weeks in, and January is slow and restful. I feel a little as though I am cocooned away from the real world. While we’ve been out and about a little, for the most part, I am keeping life as slow and home-based as I can. Resting, dreaming, reading, watching, listening, planning, thinking, journaling.

It’s a month to do the inner work, to let our bodies rest and our minds wander. To process all that has been and all that we want to conjure up for the coming year. I’m working out goals and intentions for the year rather than diving into January with a list of resolutions that most likely won’t last.

Giving myself the gift of time and space to just be.

Journaling away every moment that I get, enjoying some peaceful music, candles, and incense burning and romanticizing my life.

Here are some January Journal Prompts 🖤 🖤 

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