The Happy List #10

A view from home.

I took two of the girls back to the village where I grew up this weekend. My Dad lived there, in the same house, until he died, and my brother is still in the village. We’re in the midst of sorting out my Dad’s house so that we’ll be able to sell it, so we went back to lend a hand and collect some bits.

I’ll talk about that another time, for it was hard. But the weekend back where I grew up was just what I needed. Though it’s filled me {and one of the girls} with a yearning to move back. Whenever I am there, it feels like my heart home.

Anyway, I digress…. my happy list for this last week;

  • Road trips with my girls. We sang along to all the songs, talked, stopped for junk food mid-way, and giggled
  • Family time – spending the weekend with my brother and his girlfriend, two of my girls and my cousin’s daughter was such a balm for my soul
  • Peace – I always forget how nice it is to not be in a town, the lack of noise, the wildlife, the countryside, the stars, the air.

What’s on your happy list this week?

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