Monthly Mindfulness Challenge

Mindfulness. What is it?

Can you remember how your first drink tasted this morning?

Most of us spend most of our days on autopilot. Countless small things escape our notice, yet these little things are what make life… well, life-worthy.

Mindfulness helps us be in the here and now, it helps us to pay attention to all those little moments.

The aim of mindfulness is to switch off our inner autopilot, become aware of what is around us, to develop serenity, and consciously enjoy the small wonders of life.

Find the beauty and join in those little moments and reduce your stress, give yourself a happier outlook and improve your confidence.

This month’s mindfulness challenge


Take the time to watch the sunrise or sunset. Maybe both. You can do it once, or every day, or a few times over the month.

Not much is more present than watching the day begin or end. The natural beauty is stunning, and it is a wonderful reminder that every single day gives us a fresh beginning and a new end. 

Stop and enjoy the beautiful colours and the spirit of the sun. Put aside your to-do list and your worries and just enjoy the moment.

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