The Happy List #3

I’m sitting in the living room, some music playing, incense burning, taking some time to just breathe.

The girls are home – one in their room, one baking in the kitchen. The boys are with their Dad. It’s quiet and peaceful.

I’m leaning into listening to myself. Enjoying the peace. Embracing change. Learning to be in the moment.

What are your happy things right now?

1/ Time to myself – second week in a row, Oren has managed to sleep over with Beastie at their Dads. Time ‘little kid’ free has done wonders for me – a whole bed to myself all night long!

2/ Girlie time – I spent an evening with friends last night, gathered at one of their houses, food, tea, chocolate and chats. Bliss.

3/ New life – after what has felt like a long, cold winter Spring is very much appreciated. Seeing the seeds popping through, the garden springing back to life and the world reawakening fills me with so much joy

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