Festival style – it’s all about glitter

We’re counting down the days until it is festival season again! We have our first family festival booked in for the first weekend of June and we cannot wait. I’ve been taking the girls to festivals since they were toddlers – and Oren went to his first festival at 6 weeks old!

My teens have grown up on festivals, and they love the freedom and fun of a weekend in a field full of friends.

One thing we’ve always loved about festivals is dressing up! The freedom to wear funky outfits that you wouldn’t wear every day is so much fun! My teens have a wardrobe full of ‘festival clothes’ and it’s such fun to wear bright colours, tutu’s and fairy wings!

We also have a very good selection of glitter – no festival is complete without a little glitter {or a lot}. Over the years we’ve come a long way from grabbing a pot of glitter out of the craft cupboard!! Good quality, cosmetic glitters really are worth investing in – you can be sure they won’t irritate your skin! These ones from The Glitter Tree are fantastic – they are vegan and cruelty-free, UK-made and come in recycled packaging.

If you’re new to glitter, here a few tips from my teens to look like a pro!

Getting it to stick

While we have used vaseline or aloe vera gel to get our glitter to stick – for ultimate staying power you really should opt for a festival glitter glue – it is far longer lasting and will keep your glitter where you put it rather than smearing down your face!

Choose your look

Rather than just grabbing a bottle and applying all the glitter, take a few minutes to plan out what you want to create. Pick 2-3 colours, and decide how much of your face you want to cover. A little under your eyes? A swirl from over one eye to under the other? On your cheeks? Start with the brightest colour in the centre and blend out with a lighter tone, like silver or iridescent.

Getting it where you want it

For easy application, get your self some make up brushes to apply your glitter with. It makes sure the glitter goes where you want it to rather than all over and you can blend and add detail much easier too!

It’s not just for your face!

Don’t feel like glitter is a face only thing – because it’s not! Try adding glitter to your parting – great to cover up hair that needs a wash! or how about glitter on your collar bones?! A glitter beard can be fun for the men too!

Taking it off

While we’ve been known to sleep in our glitter, there probably will come a time when you need to take it off! We usually use some baby wipes to get the worst off, then an oil based cleanser and some hot water for the rest.

Now I’m even more excited to dig out the camping gear and get ready for some festivals this summer!

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