Wrapping up warm this winter

I love spending time outdoors all year long, we set ourselves a goal at the beginning of the year of spending 1000 hours outdoors. We are almost at our goal – with less than 50 hours to go! Since passing my driving test we’ve been spending far more time outdoors as suddenly we have the freedom to get to lots of different places!

Winter walks in the woods on sunny days are one of my favourite things. There is something so reviving about stomping around outdoors when the temperatures are freezing, the days short and we spend more time indoors.

I have to make sure that I am prepared for the cold though – with my Raynauds once I am cold my fingers and toes go numb and hurt so much.

Layering is key for me – leggings under my trousers, a vest, long sleeve top and a warm jumper. A good pair of wool socks and some really good insulated boots.

Topping it all off with a really good, cosy coat. I’ve had a few that have promised to keep me warm but failed to deliver. So I was excited to receive a coat from the Lands End Women’s Coats collection.

The coat ticked all my requirements on paper – waterproof, down-filled, mid-thigh length, cosy hood, machine washable. The coat itself is of fantastic quality, it feels like not only will it keep me warm but it will last for years.

I tried it out this weekend on a trip to a nature reserve. Despite the sunshine, the wind was blowing and it was pretty chilly.

It felt heavy enough that it actually would keep me warm even in the coldest weather, while not being uncomfortably heavy. The fleece-lined collar kept my neck warm and cosy, and the fleece-lined pockets were perhaps the best thing ever! For someone who has cold fingers even in the middle of summer, they honestly made me so happy!

I love the length of the coat – so many stop at the hips, but the extra length of this kept me warmer and also is perfect if you need to sit down out in the woods on a damp log or cold step! The snug cuffs inside the sleeves stopped any drafts from getting up to my arms.

Honestly, I think this may be the coat I have been searching for – I am excited to wear it on some winter adventures especially those rainy walks here in Wales!

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